Thursday, November 7, 1895 - page 4, column 3, bottom


The Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther's Birthday

On Sunday, November 10th, the Walther League of Buffalo will hold a Luther Festival for the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther's birthday. A congregational church service will be celebrated in the Trinity First Evangelical Lutheran Church on Michigan Street near Genesee. The program for this festival is as follows:
A German celebratory sermon by Pastor A. T. Hanser of Emmaus Church.
An English celebratory sermon by Pastor J. Sieck of St. Andreas Church.
An organ recital by Professor Meibohm.
Choir singing by the various societies.
Members of the societies making up the league are requested to meet in the hall of the Lutheran Young Men's Society at 7 PM in order to proceed en masse to the church. The celebratory church service begins at exactly 7:45. — All friends are cordially invited to attend.