Buffalo and its German Community: Pages 78 & 79

Part III

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This book has attempted to assemble personalities comprising the citizenry and their public lives into a kind of gallery. Usually biographies are worth very little if they are not treatments of singular individuals. Here this is not the case and indeed this supposition is in error. We can only get close to the truth when biographies are put in a schematic form. We're trying to approach an interpretation of local history made richer by an account of the people who lived through it.

None other than the famous Englishman Thomas Carlyle had in 1832 posited this concept concerning the significance and influence of biographies. In the article where he discusses how the reader can find biographies useful, Carlyle wrote "Man is and remains interested in man; it is appropriately perceived that he is the most interesting object of our investigation. How indescribably beneficial it is to get to know our fellow human beings, to see into them, to understand their essence, to decipher their inner secrets. Not just to merely pry into them but to examine them in the world with our own eyes so that we reconstruct them in theory and personify them back into life. What kind of a man was he and what did he consider his role in life."

We find this Carlylian interpretation in the following work in unending variety. It attempts to look into the cultural nooks for additional interpretation so that everything which passes before the reader's eye in review is a piece of evidence for German diligence, German energy and German perseverence. In most cases those chosen may serve as role models for imitation by the next generation.

Here in Buffalo the German element zealously helped to build the community. However despite the great significance of the German community to the development of the city, its place in history has not been secured. The community deserves better.

In some fashion this book should help to rectify the historical injustice and reflect the German community's true worth, providing evidence that of all the nationalities involved in the supporting of Buffalo, the Germans have every right to feel proud of its pioneer work. For posterity we gather these biographies into the hall of fame so that you can see that these men and women not only lived but acted and accomplished various things to the benefit of their people, their city, and this great nation. The German considers himself the truest of citizens and he should be counted among such.

The biographies begin on page 80 and continue to page 336. Biographies are provided for the following individuals:

Aaron, Israel, Rabbi D.D.
Armbruester, R.

Auel, C.H.W., Dr.

Baetzhold, Aug. Sr.
Baetzhold, Theo.
Baetzhold, Aug. Jr.

Bapst, Frank L.
Baldauf, Caspar
Bauer, F.A.
Bauer, Henry
Becker, Chas.
Becker, Edward G.
Becker, Philip
Bender, F.
Bender, Ida, Dr.
Bender, Warren P.
Bentz, C.A., Dr.
Bentz, H.G., Dr.
Beyer, Frank A.

Bishop, Chas.
Boehme, Fred
Bohneberg, F.
Boller, Carl
Bollmann, Wilhelm, Rev.
Bollin, Eugen S.
Bolton, John
Braun, Philip
Brendel, Henry W.
Breuer, Max, Dr.
Brick, Nicholas C.
Bruiknern, Gustav
Buettner, Edwin
Burkard, Joseph
Burkhardt, Karl H.
Bruck, John P

Chemnitz, Matthew J.
Christmann, Chas.
Christmann, Philip
Christmann, William

Clement, John
Cohauss, Bernhard, Rev.
Curtiss, Harlow C.

Daniels, W.H.
Dauterman, Albert
Dauterman, Henry
Dauterman, John
Dieckmann, Ewald
Diehl, Conrad, Dr.
Doll, Henry Wm.

Dörfler, Frank
Dorn, Fred. J.
Dreher, Eugen
Dudley, Wesley C.
Dunbar, Harris
Duval, Georg, Rev.
Dreyer, Ludwig

Eckhert, Peter
Ehler, Edward
Ehlers, Otto C.J.
Ehms, Alvin
Eichel, Otto R., Dr.
Eichel, Robert
Eisele, Edward J.

Elbers, Henrich H.
Emerson, Henry P.
Endres, Jos.
Erb, J., Rev.
Erfling, Fred.
Erion, Fred
Esenwein, Aug. C.

Fedders, Th.C.
Feine, August
Fink, Henry J.
Fisher, F.W.
Fitscher, J.N.
Fix, Chas.
Forbach, Christ.
Forbach, Conrad
Frank, Edward J.

Frank, John G.
Frankenstein, F.
Frankenstein, J.O., Dr.
Frey, Rudolph
Frisch, Gustav A.W.
Frisch, F., Dr.

Fritz, Louis J.
Frohe, Leo P.
Fronczak, F.C., Dr.
Fuhrmann, Louis P.

Gaertner, W., Dr.
Garlock, David (listed but not in the biographies)
Gebauer, G.H.
Gerking, Fred W.
Glaswatz, A.
Goehle, Alfred M.
Goehle, Karl A.
Goettelmann, Jul.

Gomph, William J.
Gosar, John
Grabau, J.F.
Grabau, Wilhelm, Prof.

Gruber, Chas.
Greinert, Herm.

Haas, C.G., Rev.
Hager,George L.
Hager, Otto P.
Hart, Louis B.
Hartmayer, F.L.
Haupt, Fred
Held, Friedrich
Herbold, Philip
Hering, Leodegar
Heussler, Robert H.

Hilburger, J.
Hitzel, Gustav, Dr.
Hoesler, A.G.
Hof, Peter
Hofheins, G.H.
Hofmayr, John
Holz, Andrew
Honecker, John
Hoyler, A.H.
Hutter, Albert

Judge, George C.
Jokl, Leopold
Jacobs, W.F., Dr.

Jung, Edward L.
Jung, Albert H., Dr.

Kaffenberger, W., Prof
Kahabka, B.
Kamphausen, Henry
Kamprath, William B.
Kasting, W.F.
Kauf, Jacob
Kayser, G.A.
P.J. Kieffer
Kelch, Otto
Keller, Chas.
Keller, John J.
Kiekebusch, Otto
Kinkel, Louis
Kirchner, Hugo
Kirsch, J.A.W., Rev.

Klocke, Chas. A.
Knepper, H.J.
Kobler, Heinrich
Kraetz, John G.
Kraemer, H.A., Rev.
Kraemer, Georg
Kraft, Frank A.
Kraft, Francis J.

Kramer, Georg
Kreinheder, Edwin J.
Kreiss, Chas.
Krim, G., Rev.
Krug, George B.
Kumpf, H.W.
Kuhn, Anton J.

Lang, Ed., Rev.
Lange, Julius, Prof.
Leininger, Philip
Lieder, Henry

Lochmann, Fritz
Lubelski, Max
Luedecke, W.P.

Maier, Maximilian
Marquart, S.
Maul, Peter
May, Henry
Mayer, Chas.
Mayer, Theo. W.
Menges, Adam J.
Merker, W.E.
Merkle, Fred
Mesinger, Henry
Metz, Karl A.
Metz, Theodor

Meyer, Karl
Meyer, Michael
Miller, August A., Rev.
Miller, Chas. Wm.
Miller, Edwin G.S.
Miller, John
Moehlau, F.G., Dr.
Moeller, Edward
Moeller, Edward Heinrich
Moeller, Robert
Mueller, John F.

Nettelbladt, von, H., Prof.
Neupert, Leo
North, Chas. H.

Nussbaumer, J. Georg
Nyiri, John de

Offermann, Frank

Offermann, Gottfried

Pankow, A.R.
Philipps, Theo

Pohle, W.C. Frederick
Preiter, Jos.

Reif, Chas. F.
Reimann, John
Rehbaum, Geo.
Reinecke, Ottomar
Ring, Fred
Riklin, Eduard
Ritter, W.E.

Roehrer, John
Rohde, Chas. F.
Rohr, Mathias
Rommel, Gustav
Rosche, Jakob
Russ, John

Salzmann, J.
Sauerwein, John
Schaaf, Georg
Schaefer, A.C., Dr.
Schaefers, Jos.
Schantz, Georg
Scheeler, Martin
Schieder, Joseph
Schilling, Christopher P.
Schild, W.H., Rev.
Schlager, F.L.
Schmelzer, Emil
Schmidt, B.W.
Schmidt, E.G.
Schramm, Paul H.
Schoenhut, Chas.
Schorcht, Prof. Dr.
Schroeder, Aug. H.C.
Schroeder, Otto H., Rev
Schultz, Frank W.
Schultz, Miss Minne
Schulze, Carl

Schwab, Frank X.
Schwabl, Georg J.
Schwabl, John
Schwarzmaeier, M.
Schwenk, C.H.
Seelbach, Carl A.
Seibert, Simon
Sellinger, Georg, Rev.
Semon, Walter
Siegrist, Jakob
Siekmann, Carl F., Prof.
Sievers, W.H.
Simon, Henry E.W.
Simon, William, Jr.
Smith, Chas. O.
Speyser, Theophil
Steger, Alois
Stengel, Ed
Stettenbenz, Edward F.
Steul, Henry C.
Sticht, Lorenz
Straub, Heinrich
Sy, A.C.P., Prof., Dr.

Taggesell, R., Dr.
Tappe, Fritz F.
Tiedemann, L.C. (listed but not in the biographies)

Thomas, Dr. Fr.
Traenkle, Geo.

Ullenbruck, Jacob H.
Ulrich, Chas.

Ulrich, Michael
Uster, John B.

Vesper, H.
Viedt, Louis

Voelker, B.
Vogt, F.A.

Wagner, John, Prof.
Walter, Frank
Ward, Francis G., Col.
Weasner, H.C.
Weber, Jacob J.
Weiss, Dan
Weiss, Georg
Wenner, P.
Werner, Albert
Wesselmann, Ernst

Wick, Otto
Willert, Henry
Winning, Carl G., Dr.
Winter, Anthony
Winzig, John
Wohler, Emil
Wolf, Johannes
Wolf, August
Wuenst, Edmund T.

Young, Peter

Zesch, Frank A.
Zimmermann, L.A.

Zinke, Louis

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