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Biographies for Dr. Arthur Schaefer, Colonel Francis G. Ward, Carl Hermann Schwenk, Harlow C. Curtiss, Wesley C. Dudley, and George E. Judge

Dr. Arthur C. Schaefer

is one of the youngest physicians in the city. He was born in Buffalo and has a promising future. In 1910 he was appointed Assistant to the Health Commissioner. He has executed his post with great ability and has performed to everyone's satisfaction. He studied medicine at the University of Buffalo and the Harvard Medical School in Boston. He had scarcely established his private practice when he was appointed attending physician at the Erie County Hospital. His diligence had garnered the attention of the City Board, consequently in 1910 he was appointed as the first examining physician of the public schools.

He proved himself the right man for the job and after 2 years he was promoted to the position of second in command of the City Health Department. In this post he oversees the physicians who guard the health of the growing children in the public schools. His efforts in this field have been widely recognized.

Dr. Schaefer is a member of the Order of the Elks, the Red Men, the Maccabees, and the Knights of Pythias. He belongs to several German associations. He is also a surgeon for the 74 Infantry Regiment of the N.Y. National Guard.

Colonel Francis G. Ward

No other man in Buffalo has stood at the forefront of the public interest, made so many enemies and yet gathered as many friends as Col. Francis G. Ward. For 10 years now he has held the important and responsibility-laden post of Commissioner of Public Works. He's extraordinarily capable. He works ceaselessly. He has victoriously maintained his post for a decade. Despite the many enemies he has made, he stands firm like the sturdy old coachman who does not pale before the storm. He believes in himself and his ability to achieve what is best for the city, for the citizenry, for his friends, and for all whom he can be of service.

Mr. Ward was born on March 8, 1856 in Jordan, N.Y. He received his elementary education at a rectory school in Hampden, Conn. He then went to Paris, France to study at the Cousin Institute School. After returning to the United States he went to Yale University, passed his exams with distinction, and became a representative for the Lafflin-Rand Powder Co. in Buffalo in 1875. Later he took on the important and responsible duty of night yard master and train dispatcher for the New York Central Railroad. After 7 years he became assistant operations manager of the Harlem Line. His experience, eloquence, scientific knowledge, and ability led to other assignments.

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He gained the attention of the Panama Company and he took on the position of supervisor of the Panama Railroad. After being on the Isthmus for 2 years he was called by the company to come to Paris in order to take over the management of the Railroad Department of the Canal Company. Later he returned to New York and Buffalo.

After taking part in the Spanish American War in 1896 and 1897, he became Superintendent of the Water Department in 1901. He was appointed Commissioner of Public Works in 1901. He started in this posting in January 1902. He capably and conscientiously executed his office.

His wife is of German descent with the maiden name of Mittag. The harmonious union has been blessed with 4 children - 2 sons and 2 daughters. Mr. Ward is a member of the famous 7th New York Regiment. He was a captain and a lieutenant colonel as well as an inspector of the 8th Division.

Carl Hermann Schwenk

Carl Hermann Schwenk was born on March 27, 1851 in Hergord in beautiful Westphalia. He was the son of August and Anna Schwenk. His father was a respected master bookbinder. He received a good education. He attended the public school and the academic high school. He came to America in May 1866 and immediately settled in Buffalo. For 5 years he worked for Breitweiser and for 8 years he worked for the R.W. Bell Mfg. Co. His natural ability, his love of learning, and his interest in the public issues of his new homeland helped him to become Assistant City Treasurer of Buffalo. This was a position of great responsibility. He carried out the office with wisdom and energy.

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Mr. Schwenk is currently Secretary in the Department of Public Works.

Mr. Schwenk is truly a citizen of the United States but he has a deep commitment to his German heritage and to German song. He is a member of the Buffalo Orpheus and the Buffalo Sängerbund. He was president of the Orpheus for 2 years in 1899 and 1900.

Mr. Schwenk has been happily married to Rosa Kratt since 1878. He leads a life harmoniously divided between his sense of duty and his joy of living.

Harlow C. Curtiss

Mr. Harlow C. Curtiss, one of the best known attorneys in the city, is not only a friend to the German community but also a good speaker of the German language. Years ago he made an extended student tour through Germany, visiting the large cities of the empire. To this day he speaks enthusiastically about beautiful Berlin and the remarkable barley brew he drank in Munich, the beer's source.

Mr. Curtiss first saw the light of the world in 1858 in Utica, N.Y. When he was 3 years old his parents settled in Buffalo. Since that time it has been his home. He attended the public school and went to Central High School. Then he studied law at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. In 1882 he entered the famous law firm of Cleveland and Bissell. In the following years he established his practice. He has been employed as an attorney in Buffalo ever since and his practice has grown. His friendly demeanor and his open, honorable character have made him a popular individual with all who have met him. He is a member of the University Club. He lives with his family in a cosy home at 100 Lincoln Parkway.

Wesley C. Dudley

Mr. Wesley c. Dudley is not a German-American but he is a friend of the German community. He has assisted Germans in their efforts to help Buffalo grow and prosper. He was born in 1867 in Colden, Erie County. He studied law and broadened his knowledge at the law firm of Rogers, Locke & Milburn. He was admitted to the Bar in 1897. In the same year he became Chief Clerk of the Supervisory Council. Later at the age of 23 he was entrusted with the office of School Commissioner for the 8 Southtowns of Erie County. He capably and conscientiously executed this office for 3 years. He resigned from the post of Chief Clerk of the Supervisory Council in 1897 in order to assume the post of Assistant to the Federal and State Attorney of the North District of New York.

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His reputation as an excellent jurist secured for him in 1908 the nomination for District Attorney of Erie County. He was elected by a sizable majority. Today Mr. Dudley, who was reelected in 1911, is considered one of the best and most capable District Attorneys that Erie County has ever had.

George E. Judge

There are few judges who enjoys such respect and popularity as Judge George E. Judge. This well-earned popularity served in his November 1911 election over a strong opponent to become judge of the last Legislature's recently enpaneled Children's Court.

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His ability and personality got him the post. He is not only an exceptional lawyer but a student of human nature. Coupled with his good heart he does the right thing without being tied to the letter of the law.

Mr. Judge was born in 1869 in Buffalo. He received an excellent education. He has been on the judge's bench for many years. For 2 years he was the so-called morning judge and for 2 years has been judge of the city's Police Court. His wise and just decisions have earned him a good reputation. In 20 months he's heard 3500 cases. Only in one case was his decision overturned in Appellate Court.

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