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Biographies for Georg L. Hager, Dr. Richard Taggesell, Gustav A. W. Frisch, Dr. Friedrich Frisch, Edward Stengel, Henry G. Mesinger, and Conrad Forbach

Georg L. Hager

Mr. George L. Hager, one of the best known attorneys in the city, first saw the light of the world in Buffalo on September 16, 1867. He was the son of the hat and fur dealer John Hager. He attended the public schools, received further instruction in a private school, and then studied law. He became a clerk in the well known law firm of F.B. Steele and Edward C. Rischman. In 1901 he passed his exams with distinction in the Buffalo Law School and in the same year was admitted to the Bar. He established a lucretive practice for himself in 1904 with Lyman M. Baker under the firm name of Baker & Hager. When Baker died his son, Merritt N. Baker, became a partner.

Mr. Hager's good reputation among his colleagues is evidenced by his election for a term as president of the Lawyers Club. He's also a member of the advisory committee of this club, as well as the Erie County and New York Bar Associations. Further proof of his ability and popularity comes from the fact that in the last election, held on November 7, 1911, he was a candidate for City Court Judge on the Republican ticket. He was elected to a 4 year term by a stiff Republican majority. In 1901 he married Miss Carrie R. Baker, daughter of his associate. The happy union has produced 2 children, Lyman B. and Clara Barbara. He lives with his family in a cosy little home at 759 Bird Avenue.

Dr. Richard Taggesell

In the beautiful city of Dresden in Saxony Dr. Richard Taggesell first saw the light of the world in 1870. He was the son of a respected merchant. He attended the schools in his father city and in Chemnitz. He then went to the University of Leipzig to study chemistry. He passed his exams with distinction. As an accomplished scientist he entered the firm of K. Oehler in Offenbach on the Mainz. His knowledge increased. In 1896 he came to America and settled immediately in Buffalo, having been offered a job at the large firm of Schöllkopf, Hartford & Co. He's worked for that firm ever since and he currently holds a management position.

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Dr. Taggesell is a member of the Buffalo Orpheus and the Schlaraffia. He's a welcome addition because of his friendly, open demeanor and his excellent personality. In 1900 he married Miss Zelmira Thorner. Twins, Carl and Richard, have come from the harmonious union.

Gustav A.W. Frisch

Gustav A.W. Frisch first saw the light of the world in Mohrungen, part of the legislative district of Königsberg. He was the son of master miller Michael E. Frisch and his wife Justina, nee Schulz. In 1881 the Frisch family emigrated to America and settled here in Buffalo. Gustav apprenticed in the jewelery, engraving, and watchmaking trade. He built his knowledge of the trade from the ground up. Later he educated himself to be an optician. In 1897 he opened his own business as an optician, jeweler, and watchmaker in the building at 443 Genesee Street.

Mr. Gustav Frisch belongs to the 65th N.Y. Military Regiment, Company K. He holds the rank of captain. He is also a member of the Orpheus and the Sängerbund. He belongs to St. Paul's Church.

Mr. Gustav A.W. Frisch has an excellent reputation as an honest and capable businessman in our city.

Dr. Friedrich Frisch

In 1881 E.H. Fritz Frisch came at the age of 9 with his parents and siblings from the legislative district of Königsberg, Germany to Buffalo. Here he finished his education in the public schools. Later he went to Germany for a year and studied mathematics and other subjects. Then he studied medicine at the University of Buffalo.

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He then completed the course of studies in ophthalmology at Harvard University. Afterwards he completed his training in general medicine in Albany and finished his qualifying state exams to become a physician and surgeon. In order to gain more experience in his fields of endeavor, he stayed at St. Peter's General Hospital in Albany as a resident physician. To further his training in ophthalmology Dr. Frisch went to Philadelphia, where he worked under the supervision of ophthalmologist Dr. Oliver at Wills Eye Hospital. While in residence there he received an offer from a former instructor at Harvard University to work as a resident at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. Dr. Frisch accepted the appointment and worked there for 2 years from 1907 to 1909. In the latter year Dr. Frisch decided to return to Buffalo, where he established his practice as an eye specialist.

Dr. Frisch is a member of St. Paul's Church, the Orpheus Singing Society, the Modestia Lodge, the Erie County Medical Society, the New York State Medical Society, and the American Medical Association.

Edward Stengel

Aldermann Ed. Stengel is one of the most popular businessmen and citizens of the East Side. He first saw the light of the world on October 8, 1874. He was the son of food dealer John E. Stengel. He attended the public schools and went to a business college to become a bookkeeper. In 1891 he took a position in the offices of the New York Central Railroad. He gave up the position to pursue a business career in 1894 in a grocery store.

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For 13 years now he's had his own business at 273 Broadway. This grocery store is considered one of the best and most popular in this part of the city.

Proof of Mr. Ed. Stengel's fine reputation and popularity are evidenced in the fact that in 1909 he was urged by his friends to seek the nomination for alderman of the 6th Ward. Not only was he nominated but he was elected by a large majority. He's regularly taken part in all opportunities to benefit the city and his constituency. He's proven himself worthy of the trust placed in him by his constituents and he enjoys great popularity. Consequently he has been reelected.

Mr. Ed. Stengel is a member of St. Paul's Evangelical Church. Among the Free Masons he has a place of honor and he is a member of the Harmonia Lodge and the Ismailia Temple, Buffalo Consistory. Further he is a member of the Order of Eagles, the Foresters, the Orioles, the Exempt Firemen, and the Pumpernickel Society. Membership in this last business association provides proof that he has had a good German education for no one can enter this group who is not fluent in German. Mr. Stengel undoubtedly has a promising business and political career ahead of him.

Henry G. Mesinger

Mr. Henry G. Mesinger, one of the most prominent German tavern owners and restauranteurs in the city, was born on February 17, 1876 in Buffalo. He was born of good German parents and he received a true German education. He attended the public schools. Afterwards he became employed at various businesses. He became self employed 10 years ago, taking over an inn at Genesee Street near Main. His diligent, friendly, and open personality have won him many friends and customers. When he moved to a new location in January of 1911 at the corner of Ellicott and Genesee Streets, his establishment became a favorite assembly place for the better classes of citizens, who were happy to conduct business in an elegant location, find the best in food and drink, and encounter friendly, honest service and pleasant company. The location includes a modern bowling alley, which is enormously popular.

Mr. Mesinger is a member of the Order of Elks and the Eagles. Evidence of his regular participation in German activities can be seen in his membership in the Orpheus, the Sängerbund, the Teutonia Liederkranz, the Buffalo Gymnastics Club, the Old German Society, the Humboldt Club, and other organizations in which he is a welcome and valued member.

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Conrad Forbach

Mr. Conrad Forbach is one of the best known German florists and gardeners in the city. His greenhouses and gardens are on Pine Hill. He was born on January 24, 1872 in Daubringen near Giessen in Hessen-Darmstadt. He was the son of master housepainter Conrad Forbach and his wife Maria. He had not outgrown his childhood shoes before he lost both his parents, leaving him and his 4 siblings without means of support. After he left school he had to go to strangers in order to become a gardener's apprentice. During those difficult yet essential and joyless apprenticeship years the orphan wished to leave the homeland, which had so little to offer him. At the age of 17 he had saved enough money to cross the ocean. In October of 1899 he landed on the shores of the New World and he settled in Buffalo, where an up and coming young man strong in the ins and outs of his trade could find employment. He worked in Rebstock's Gardens for 12 years, the last 4 as foreman. He became self-supporting and opened his own gardens in Pine Hill near the cemetery.

On October 20, 1899 Mr. Forbach married Miss Louise Kakuschke. Two children have come from the union: Herbert Elmer, 11, and Lydia Amanda, 8 years old. He is a member of the Buffalo Orpheus, the Teutonia Liederkranz, and other German associations. Further he is a lifelong member of the Society of American Florists. He belongs to the Order of the Orioles and the Red Men. Mr. Forbach can be proud of his accomplishments for he is truly a self-made man.

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