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Biographies for Chas. Schönhut, Casper Baldauf, August H. Hoyler, Robert Möller, Edward Möller, and Christoph Forbach

Chas. Schönhut

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The well known garden nursery owner Mr. Chas. Schönhut was born on April 4, 1868 in Göppingen in the kingdom of Württemberg. At the age of 15 he came with his parents to America. The family settled in Buffalo. Young Charles first chose wood frame construction carpentry as a trade and he worked in the field for 6 or 7 years but then became a decorative painter. He left this trade as well after nearly 12 years. He went into gardening. Over the course of the years his untiring diligence, good business sense, and high level of energy gave him the means to establish one of the most important gardening nurseries in the city. His establishment is located at 352 William Street. His hothouses are located at 384 - 396 Jefferson Avenue. Others are in Gardenville.

Mr. Chas. Schönhut is an active member of the East Side Businessmen's Association. He was one of its founders and for many years he was president of the association.

He had a great interest in the construction and beautification of his father city. He was ceaselessly active with the organization of the William Street Carnival, the first carnival of its kind in Buffalo. The enormous success of this event can mostly be ascribed to him. Mr. Schönhut, who came to this land while still a young man, is proud of his German ancestry. He is a member of St. Stephan's Church, the Teutonia Liederkranz, the Harugari Frohsinn, and the Modestia Lodge 340 F. & A.M. He is also a member of the Odd Fellows, the Harugaris, the Orioles, the Elks, et. al. He is happily married to Miss Hiller of Buffalo and he lives with her in a beautiful home at 352 William Street.

In late 1911 Chas. Schönhut was nominated to run for the position of Councilman by the Democratic Party but he shared the fate of his colleagues as they were defeated by the Republican sweep. In the interest of the city and the citizenry it can only be a matter of time before such a capable and unanimously appreciated man is elected to the upper house of our City Council.

Casper Baldauf

Mr. Casper Baldauf was born on October 23, 1864 in Eberhausen in Hessen. He was the son of master tailor Johann Baldauf and his wife Elisabeth. He attended the local school and apprenticed in the tailor's trade. He applied himself with diligence and purpose. In April 1881 he came to America. He settled immediately in Buffalo and was employed at the following businesses: Jacob Jaeckle for 14 years; Wilhelm Koch for 7 years; thereafter at G. Elias Bros., where he can be found today as a capable and valued employee filling the position of foreman.

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Mr. Casper Baldauf holds a respected position in society. He is president of the Harugari Frohsinn. He is a member of the Harugari Friedrich Lodge and the Harmonia Manor. He is ex-District Deputy of this last group. He is a valued member of Bethlehem Church.

On May 8, 1888 he married Marie Jaeckle of Buffalo. The happy joining of hearts has produced 3 children: Jacob Albert age 18, Philip, age 16, and Howard, 13 years old.

Mr. Casper Baldauf, who lost his father when he was 3, experienced the bereavement of his mother in Germany in 1905. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters who are well and who hold respectable positions in society.

August H. Hoyler

The Swabian August H. Hoyler belongs to that group of men who came to America with useful and well-practiced trades. In combination with their business sense and spirit of enterprise they became worthy and highly prized commodities.

August H. Hoyler was born on July 28, 1870 in Kirchheim below the Teck in Württenberg. He was the son of Ludwig Theo. and Elisabeth Hoyler. He attended the local schools in his district and apprenticed in the watch making trade. After finishing his apprenticeship in Laufen on the Neckar he became an assistant in the following places: Esslingen from 1887 to 1888; Stuttgart from 1888 to 1890; Mannheim from 1890 to 1891.

After finishing his training in the trade he decided to come to America in order to find better rewards for his labors.

On December 1, 1891 he landed in New York. On December 4, 1894 he came to Buffalo and found a position at the firm of Chas. P. Henn, at which he stayed until 1896. In this latter year he took over his employer's business. His ability and hard work had helped the business prosper. Undoubtedly his management brought even more success.

Having been educated in the beautiful homeland of Germany's most prolific poets, August Hoyler's heart retains the essence of the old fatherland.

He is a member of the Orpheus Singing Society and the Sängerbund and several other organizations.

On June 24, 1903 he married Emma K. Klippel. The happy union has produced 3 children: August, Margaret, and Elsa Hoyler.

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Robert Möller

Without a doubt Mr. Robert Möller is one of the oldest and best known German hoteliers in the city. His hotel, located at 95 - 97 Main Street, is absolutely the most German hotel in the city. It feels like the home it was to German immigrants 20 and 30 years ago.

Mr. Robert Möller was born on February 1, 1847 in Cursdorf, Thuringia. He was the son of innkeeper Christian Möller and his wife Katharina. Educated in Schwarzmühl, he attended the public school and learned the cooper's trade. In 1869 he came to Buffalo, where he found his first job in his field at Ziegele's Brewery. In 1874 he began with a hotel on Erie Street, which was a success from the time of its inception. He managed it until 1876, then he took over a hotel on Ohio Street. In 1883 he bought the building at the corner of Main and Scott Streets. His business is still there today. Through hard work and endurance, keeping his nose to the grindstone from early in the morning til late at night, he worked to raise himself up. His true life partner and wife, Johanna nee Feine, was his constant support. They were married in 1870. Mrs. Möller first saw the light of the world in Cölleda near Erfurt on June 20, 1843. She came to the United States in 1869. The ideal couple have 5 children: Ernst, Karl, Eduard, Johanna, and Natalie.

Mr. Möller is one of the oldest members of the Sängerbund. He's so immersed in his business that he doesn't have much time for organizational life. Despite this he has remained a true old German in lineage and idealogy, taking part in all German activities and never shrugging from his responsibility to advance German endeavors.
Mrs. Möller died on December 25, 1911. Her passing was deeply mourned.

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Eduard Möller

Eduard Möller, one of the pioneers of German music in Buffalo, was born in March 1826 on the estate of his fathers in Schwartzburg-Sonderhausen. As a child he showed a strong love for music and he made fine progress in his field of choice. His father sent him to the Arnstadt Academic High School and then the University of Jena in order to study the natural sciences. Later he went to the Klausthal Mining Academy, where he studied under the famous mining instructor Koch. He graduated with honors. Immediately he acquired a State appointment but the collapse of the ministry several years later convinced the young man to seek his fortune in America. He arrived in Buffalo in September 1852. Now he returned to his first love, the study of music. After being active here for many years he travelled to Leipzig. He returned to Buffalo in 1858 and became organist and professor of music at various churches and institutes. The ceaseless energy of his father, a great industrialist and land owner, was also evident in the son. He was active in nearly every musical circle. He was a co-founder of the Liedertafel, and a member of the Orpheus, the Alma Mater, the Philomene, and the Harmonia Lodge. He regularly took part in German idealogical activities.

In 1868 he had a building erected at the corner of Chippewa and Pearl Streets. With Signor Nuno and others he established a music institute, which became a rendezvous point for touring artists performing in Buffalo. Many of Buffalo's older musicians remember the joy of many happy hours spent in the company of such artists as Parepa Rosa, Dr. Maas, Neupert, Sherwood, Hastings, Remenyi, Tanner, Godowski, Sprague, Emil Fischer, De Koutski, Mme. Rive-King, and other great musicians on Chippewa Street.

An active interest in everything that is German and untiring dedication to German music and art were hallmarks of his character. Despite the fact that these traits tend to run counter to prosaic attitudes of the American people, Möller gained the respect of his fellow citizens. His musical ability succeeded in producing a large number of students, who later returned from European schools as musical artists.

In June 1867 Mr. Möller married Miss Marie Schumacher. Two sons, Otto Eduard and Eduard Heinrich, have come from the happy union.

In 1898 Mr. Möller retired from public life due to a progressing illness. However to this day he still acts on his inclinations towards art, science, and the fight for justice in this country. His thoroughly honorable character is well known and it wins for him the highest respect of all who know him.

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Christoph Forbach

Master builder and contractor Christoph Forbach is counted among the German Americans of our city who can rightfully be called self-made men. They can be proud of their accomplishments. He was the son of worker Konrad Forbach and his wife Maria, nee Fuchs. He first saw the light of the world on May 28, 1867 in Daubringen near Giessen. His parents died when he was 12, leaving him and his 3 siblings without a means of support. He went into the care of strangers. When he finished his elementary school education at 14 he apprenticed in the cabinet makers trade. After his apprenticeship he became a journeyman and travelled in Germany as a trades assistant. He worked as a journeyman for a master tradesman near his home town. In 1890 he borrowed $156 from a friend and countryman Kaspar Walter, who was going to Buffalo. He emigrated to America with his young wife. On May 1st of that year they landed in New York. They reached Buffalo on May 8th. A week later Mr. Forbach found work in Kranacher's furniture factory on Michigan Street. Later he held positions for various respected master builders. His knowledge of his trade, his dedication to duty, and his hard work served him well. By saving his money he was able to establish his own business in 1897.

Today Mr. Christoph Forbach is considered among the most respected contractors in the city. He lives with his family in a stately home at 204 French Street. His business address is 204 - 206 French Street. He is a member of the Teutonia Liederkranz, the Swabian Singing Society, the Columbia Gymnastics Association, the Buffalo Skat Club, the Order of the Orioles. He's a welcome and popular person to all who come in contact with him.

On January 27, 1889 Mr. Forbach married Miss Margarethe Weller, born in Heutzelheim near Giessen. She is a loving wife, a true helpmate, and a hard working housekeeper who has helped him build a solid standard of living. The happy marriage has been blessed with 8 children, who all saw the light of the world for the first time here in Buffalo. They are Elisabeth, 21, Wilhelm C., 20, Klara, 17, Richard, 15, Walter, 13, Barbara, 10, Edwin, 8, and Maria, 4 years old.

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