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Biographies for John B. Uster, Chas. Mayer, Max Lubelski, Georg Weiss, Ferdinand Ring, Gustav A. Kayser, and Peter Eckhert

John B. Uster

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Mr. John B. Uster was born on April 7, 1870 in New York City. He was the son of Joseph and Marie Uster. His father operated a large dry goods dealership. After he attended the public and the Catholic schools he went into the hotel trade. In 1878 he came to Buffalo, where he was a clerk for 12 years at the renown and respected Hotel Brözel.

At this time he decided to become self employed. Fifteen years ago he established a laundry at 410 - 412 Genesee Street. It was furnished with the most modern equipment. The business has prospered under his capable management and today it is considered one of the best and most frequented in the city. Although he was born on American soil, he maintains an awareness of his German heritage and he has a fondness for German customs and habits. He has a lively interest in public life, which garnered for him the nomination for the post of alderman of the 18th Ward. He is a member of the Genesee Business Men's Association. He is highly esteeemed in private and social circles. Mr. Uster's private residence is at 67 Dupont Street.

Chas. Mayer

Mr. Charles Mayer, the brewmaster at William Simon's Brewery, was born on March 15, 1860 in Achern, Baden. His father, Ignaz Mayer, was a well established citizen of the district and he operated a lumber business. He was respected by his fellow citizens. Mr. Chas. Mayer's mother was born Edeltraut Huber. The parents provided their son with a good education. He apprenticed in the brewing trade in his homeland. After finishing his apprenticeship he came to America. He settled in New York and had no trouble finding employment in his trade. He worked at the following breweries: Otto Huber, Geo. Ehret, Scharmans; for 12 years he was at Geo Bechtel's Brewery and for another 2 years he held the post of brewmaster for the Jos. Dölger Brewery.

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In 1894 Mr Mayer came to Buffalo. He was brewmaster at the Star Brewery for 2 years. For over 15 years he has been brewmaster for the William Simon Brewery on Emslie and Clinton Streets. Let us not forget to mention that Mr. Mayer graduated from the program at the famous brewing school of Wahl & Hennius.

Mr. Mayer regularly takes part in social activities. He belongs to many respected organizations. In 1884 he married Miss Lizzie Miller in Staten Island. Three daughters have come from the union: Carrie, Anna, and Mamie.
Mr. Mayer lives in a nice home with his family at 710 Clinton Street.

Max Lubelski

The beer gardens in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, are perhaps the best sightseeing attractions for all tourists coming to the district of the beautiful city on the Isar River. So it is for Buffalo's Cafe Hofbräu, the beer garden at the corner of Pearl and West Eagle Streets. It's one of the tourist attractions of the Queen City of the Lakes. There are few people who haven't been to this elegant and oh so pleasant spot. The drink is excellent and the food is first rate. The restaurant is strongly frequented by the discriminating palates of Buffalo. The Hofbräu Cafe's reputation and popularity are due to the genial and jovial management of Mr. Max Lubelski. His phenomenal success as an innkeeper and restauranteur are well known.

Max Lubelski was born on May 31, 1867 in Prussia. He was the son of merchant J. Lubelski. He attended the secondary business school in his father city. He was employed in Berlin at various excellent establishments. In 1888 he came to America. After being employed at many first class establishments in the larger cities he came to Buffalo in 1901. In 1901 he took over the management of the Hofbräu and had such success that he found it necesary in 1910 to double the size of the restaurant. The praise is so widespread that both the large dining rooms and the many smaller ones scarcely have enough room to accommodate the number of guests who frequent the popular eatery.

Mr. Max Lubelski is loved and respected in all circles because of his friendly demeanor and excellent character. He is a member of the Schlaraffia, the Buffalo Orpheus, the Elks, the Chamber of Commerce, the German Young Men's Association, the Automobile Club, and a dozen other associations.

Since November 17th Mr. Lubelski has lived in wedded bliss with his wife, nee Miriam Böttscher, who has not only been a loyal life partner but a true comrade at his side in the management of the large establishment.

Georg Weiss

This city's master butcher, Georg Weiss, came to Buffalo in 1868 and has been employed in this city ever since. He was born on August 12, 1846 in Kirchenlaunitz. He was the son of Jakob Weiss and his wife Margaret, nee Wilfert. His parents were old, well-established citizens of the city, where his father had a butcher shop. Georg Weiss was 22 years old when he came to Buffalo on November 24, 1868. It was not hard for him to find employment in his profession. He worked for 13 years for Mr. S. Jac. Dold and 7 years for Mr. Christian Klink. He then established his own business with which he has been successful to this day. His place of business is in the building at 109 Lovejoy Street.

Mr. Weiss belongs to Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church. Furthermore he is a member of the Butchers Union No. 1, the Germania Butchers Association, the Odin Lodge No. 178, the Modestia Lodge No. 340 F. & A.M., the Orpheus Singing Society, the Sängerbund, and the Teutonia Liederkranz. In this city on November 1, 1870 he married Rosa Seitz of Swabia-Hall, Württemberg. Ten children have come from the union: Mary, Rose, Georg, Louise, Adam, Wilhelmina, Margaret, Sophie, Elizabeth, and Gottfried. Mr. Weiss is one of the German-Americans who has lent much to the development of Buffalo

Ferdinand Ring

Well known cigar manufacturer Ferdinand Ring is considered among the leading German businessmen of Buffalo.

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He built his business up from humble beginnings. He has a large and loyal clientele. His moderate and loveable character have made him an esteemed personality in all circles. Mr. Ring has a special love for gymnastics, which according to him is to thank for the strong and healthy man he has become.

Ferdinand Ring was born on January 30, 1859 in Hannover, the capital city of the former kingdom of the same name. After leaving school he apprenticed in the cigar making trade. He came to America in 1880. He was employed in his field for 2 years in New Jersey. Then he settled in Buffalo, where he's had his own cigar factory for 24 years.

Mr. Ring takes an active role in Buffalo's societal life. He is a member of many associations and lodges including the Modestia Lodge No. 340, F. & A.M., the Germania Chapter R.A.M., the Zulieka Grotto, the Oriental Lodge No. 224 J.O.O.F., for which he is an former Grand Master. He's a member of the Fortuna Council R.A., the Jefferson Lodge D.O.H. He is a lifelong member of the Sängerbund, the Teutonia Liederkranz, and the Buffalo Gymnastics Association. He is also one of the founders of the Buffalo Skat Club. Furthermore he is a member of the church council of Bethania Evangelical Church.

In 1883 Mr. Ring married Miss Maria Unbehaun, daughter of one of Buffalo's German pioneer families. Five children have come from the happy union: Ferdinand, Louise, Meta, Wilhelm, and Arthur. The last named child attends Masten Park High School. Mr. Ring lives at 98 Eaton Street, where you'll also find his place of business.

Gustav A. Kayser

Mr. Gustav Adolph Kayser, Manager of the G.A. Kayser Furniture Co., was born on July 19, 1860 in Lüttinghausen in the Rhine Province. His father, Daniel Kayser, was first bookkeeper at the Peoples Bank. He attended the public school and then apprenticed in the merchant trade. After his 4 year apprenticeship ended he was employed in many of Germany's larger cities. Then he became a traveling saleman in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, and France. In 1884 he decided to seek his fortune in America. After staying a month in New York he came to Buffalo where one of his brothers had settled. He was employed in various businesses. When there was no longer opportunity for advancement he pooled together his ability for hard work and his frugality and established a small furniture business on Jefferson Avenue.

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He was a success from the beginning because of his friendly, open manner, his honestly, and his good business sense. Before long he had to enlarge the size of his place of business. Today Mr. Kayser's furniture store, located at 1239 - 1243 Jefferson Avenue, is considered among the largest and best known in Buffalo. Mr. Kayser can be proud of his success because he earned it through his own diligence and hard work. He is a self-made man in the truest sense of the word.

For years Mr. Kayser has been a member of the Buffalo Orpheus, the Order of Free Masons, the Knights of Pythias, and the Royal Arcanum. He has a large circle of friends. On April 10, 1890 he married Miss Bena Barth. Four children have come from the happy union: Robert E.L., 20; Esther M., 18; Ralph W., 12; Lydia C., 10 years of age.

Peter Eckhert

Mr. Peter Eckhert was born on November 11, 1866. He was the son of respected German pioneers of this city. After graduating from the city school he went into the haberdashery and clothing trade. His diligence and hard work helped him to advance quickly. On August 7, 1888 he married Miss Anna Barbara Herbst. On September 15th of the same year he opened a millinery business at 281 Genesee Street. He ran it jointly with his wife for 10 years. She stood loyally at his side. In 1898 he established an undertaker's business, with which he had great success. It's no wonder because he exercised honorable practices and he always catered to the wishes of his clientele. He established this business in partnership with Mr. Louis Mauer, who has since departed from this life.

Mr. Eckhert is a member of St. Peter's Evangelical Church and thanks to his proper German education he is a good German. He is a prominent member of the Buffalo Orpheus and he belongs to the Sängerbund, the Teutonia Liederkranz, and St. Peter's Men's Association. Furthermore he is a member of the Order of the Odd Fellows, the Forresters, the A.O.U.W., the Woodmen, the Protective Home Circle, and many other associations. He enjoys a large circle of friends. He is an excellent member of society and a welcome guest at all occasions.

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