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Biographies for Pastor Otto H. Schröder, Frank W. Schultz, Miss Minnie Schultz, John Clement, Philip M. Herbold, and Frank J. Walter

Pastor Otto H. Schröder

The adage that a prophet is never recognized in his homeland cannot be applied to Pastor Otto H. Schröder, the young spiritual guardian of Bethania German Evangelical Parish. Not only is he a son of Buffalo but he grew up, was confirmed, and was ordained in Bethunia Church, where he is now pastor.

Otto Heinrich Schröder first saw the light of the world on September 29, 1885 here in Buffalo. He was the son of Mr. Louis Schröder and his wife Emma, nee Förster. His father was a well known German pioneer who came to America in 1867 from Mecklenburg-Schwerin at the age of 20. He settled in Buffalo. He apprenticed in the blacksmith trade and for years he was a respected employee of the Pitts Co., a machinist works in Buffalo.

Otto H. Schröder attended the public schools and decided to pursue a spiritual career. He received his theological training at the Evangelical Seminary in Elmhurst, Ill. and the Eden College in St. Louis. After his ordination he first went to Cecil, Wisconsin and then Marietta, Ohio. He was called to the Bethania Church in April 1912. In the short time he has been at his post he has already earned the love and esteem of members of his congregation due to his friendly manner and excellent character as a minister and as a human being of the highest caliber.

Frank W. Schultz

Mr. Frank Schultz is a Buffalonian of German heritage who well deserves to be listed here. For 22 years he has been an operations engineer for Hayes Lithographic Co. Starting from humble beginnings and working his way up to a prominent position, he enabled his children to receive an excellent education. Mr. Schultz was born on October 17, 1861 in South Bend, Indiana but he may be considered a true Buffalonian because a greater portion of his life has been spent in our city. In 1865 as a four-year-old he came to Buffalo with his parents. He's been here ever since. His parents, both of whom are now dead, came from Prussia to America in 1857.

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They settled in Buffalo and here two children were born. For a time they went to South Bend and then later returned to Buffalo.

Young Frank attended St. Stephan's Evangelical School and the public school. He went into the machinist trade. He had his apprenticeship at the facilities of the Erie Railroad and later he was appointed foreman of the railroad's machine works. In 1888 he became chief engineer for the Thompson-Huston Electric Light Station at the corner of Court and Pearl Streets. On November 1, 1890 he became employed at the Hayes Lithographic Co. as a mechanical engineer.

Mr. Frank W. Schultz is a highly esteemed member of St. Stephan's Evangelical Parish. He belongs to the church council. Furthermore he is a member of the De Molan Lodge No. 498 F. & A.M., the National Association of Stationary Engineers No. 16, the Fidelity Council No. 6, U.L.C. of E., and the Buffalo Automobile Club. On November 8, 1886 Mr. Schultz married Miss Emilie Auguste Lerch of Buffalo, who is also of German parentage. The apparently happy union has produced 2 lovely daughters: Henrietta Helene, born August 10, 1887, and Wilhelmine Caroline, born March 1, 1891. The comfortable family home is at 843 Clinton Street. Mrs. Schultz lives in the house into which her parents moved 43 years ago when she was a 2-year-old. Mr. Schultz' place of business is located at 100 Lakeview Avenue.

Miss Minnie Schultz

Miss Wilhelmine Caroline Schultz is a young artist obviously destined to make a name for herself as a pianist well beyond the limits of Buffalo. She is the younger daughter of Mr. Frank W. Schultz. Minnie Schultz, as she is known to her family and Buffalo's music world, has despite her mere 21 years, already given 2 solo concerts.

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They were remarkable successes which established her career also as a piano teacher with an astonishingly large clientele. Her first concert was given at the age of 18 on June 17, 1909. Her second was given on May 25, 1911. The Twentieth Century Hall was packed for both. The young artist, who gave both performances as a student of music teacher Ch. Armand Cornelle, played pieces known for their extreme difficulty. She displayed masterful technique. Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt, Brahms, and Chopin pieces were performed. Not only the audience but the critics extolled praise upon the young pianist.

Miss Minnie Schultz displayed a strong musical talent from a very early age. She was 7 and a half when she gave her first public performance. She received her first musical instruction from the renown music teacher Mrs. Frank L. Bumpus. Later she was taken on by Dr. Schorcht, who applauded her ceaseless effort, her high talent, and her excellent technique and who announced that this ambitious student had a magnificent future. Dr. Schorcht still holds Miss Schultz in high regard. When Dr. Schorcht went to New York the young artist took instruction from Ch. Armand Cornelle. He gives her instruction to this day. Besides her solo performances Miss Schultz has appeared several times publically. She has always enchanted her audience with her piano playing and has earned vigorous applause. The soulful manner of her delivery, her excellent technique, and her modesty at performances have earned her the love of every heart that beats. The degree to which her musical gift is valued is demonstrated by the fact that she, without every having studied the difficult techniques of the organ, has appeared as organist several times at St. Stephan's Church. Her performances have been very successful. Since her 13th year Miss Schultz has given piano instruction and she has a healthy number of pupils. With justifiable pride not only her parents but the whole German-American community of our city can look upon this gifted young pianist, who has brought honor to her German heritage and whose career will be without a doubt followed by all of Buffalo with great interest in the years ahead.

John Clement

Mr. John Clement, owner of the renown ladies fashion tailoring studio at 960 Main Street, was born on July 4, 1868 in Bekes Cjaba in the beautiful land of Hungary. He was the son of respected townspeople. He attended the local school and the academic high school in his home city. He apprenticed in the tailoring trade.

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As soon as he became a journeyman the ambitious young man, who had learned his trade completely from the ground up and whom any master tailor would be happy to take on, picked up his pilgrim's staff and went to see the world. He travelled to Budapest, then worked in Rumania, Serbia, and Turkey. He went to Vienna, where he learned the ladies fashion trade. He attended the Pattern Cutting Academy. Then he travelled to all the large cities of Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Russia. He was also in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. At every turn he worked for first class masters of the trade. His knowledge of his field and his understanding of human nature grew. Mr. Clement is a lovable man and a welcome addition to society. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Orpheus, the Sängerbund, the Skat Club, and other groups. Since August 6, 1901 he has lived in wedded bliss with his wife, nee Anna Keen. He lives with her in a comfortable home at 170 Summit Avenue.

Philip M. Herbold

Mr. Philip M. Herbold is considered among the best known and most respected master bakers and businessmen of Buffalo. He first saw the light of the world on June 6, 1860. He was the son of master baker Martin Herbold and his wife, nee Emilie Wetter. He attended the public schools and learned the baking trade from the ground up in his father's business. After the death of his father in 1884 he took over the business and has remained self-supporting with great success.

Mr. Herbold has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances due to his open, friendly manner. He is a pleasant and welcome member of society. He belongs to the Order of Free Masons and the Knights of Pythias as well as the Master Bakers Union. He is also a member of the Protective Home Circle and the Manufacturers and Businessmens Club. He received a fine German education and he has remained loyal to his heritage.

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That he has an interest in all German activities goes without saying. He is a member of the Orpheus, the German Young Mens Association, the Buffalo Gymnastics Club, and other German organizations. His mother, 76 years of age, is still alive and living out her twilight years at his home at 356 Elm Street.

Frank J. Walter

Mr. Frank Joseph Walter, who came to Buffalo 8 years ago and established a ladies tailoring studio which is considered one of the best in the city, first saw the light of the world on December 1, 1876 in Mischendorf (Binko Miske), Hungary. He was the son of Judge Ignatz Walter and his wife Aloisia, nee Wagner. He attended the local school in his hometown and apprenticed in the ladies tailoring trade. At the end of his apprenticeship he travelled as a journeyman with a solid knowledge of his trade to Budapest. Then he worked in Vienna, Berlin, and Paris at first class establishments furthering his knowledge and increasing his skill. In 1901 he emigrated to the United States and landed in November in New York. There he worked for 3 years in the largest and most fashionable ladies tailoring establishments.

Eight years ago Mr. Walter came to Buffalo and established his own business in a building at 830 Main Street. His ability led to immediate success and he was forced to find larger facilities. He relocated to the house at 812 Main Street. Success followed him to the new location. He knew how to keep his lady customers happy. He had such success that he acquired his own house at 60 Elmwood Avenue and at the early part of this year he relocated his business there. Mr. Walter not only imports the newest fashions but also the latest and best materials from Europe. He has a large clientele from the best segments of society on the desirable West Side.

On February 15, 1903 Mr. Walter married Miss Julia Maklary, a compatriot. The happy union has been blessed with 2 children: Albert Edmund and Frank Nicholas. Mr. Walther is a popular man and a welcome member of society, beloved by all who come in contact with him.

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