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Biographies for Joseph Schieder, Peter Hof, Johann Hilburger, Alwin Ehms, Joseph Endres, Lorenz Sticht, and Maximilian Maier

Joseph Schieder

Joseph Schieder was born on August 7, 1864 in Dürnhaft in the upper Bavarian Palatinate. He was the son of Johann and Anna Schieder, nee Ziegler. He attended the elementary school in his village and the trade school in the city of Weiden. At the age of 15 in 1879 he came to America and settled in Nashville, Tennessee where he found employment as a gardener. In the following year he came to this city. Here he worked in a boiler factory for 4 years. Then he found a position as an inspector at a lumber yard, where he stayed for 8 years. In 1892 he established a wine and beer tavern at 620 Broadway, which he managed until May 1, 1904. He relocated his business to 969 Genesee Street, where you'll find him today.
As a good Catholic he joined the Church of Mary, Queen of Sorrows. He is also a member of the C.M.B.A. (Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association), the C.B.L., the Bavarian Ludwig Support Association, and the Bavarian National Assembly. In this last society he holds the honorary office of secretary. He is also a member of the Redmen. Mr. Schieder has an excellent status in all these assocaitions and is president of many of them. On May 26, 1886 he married Miss Anna Simson. Five children have come from the happy union. There are 3 sons, Joseph, Georg J., and Albert G. There are 2 daughters, Clara M. and Anna.

Peter Hof

Mr. Peter Hof, the well known and respected citizen of our city and owner of an inn, slaughterhouse, and butcher shop, first saw the light of the world on May 19, 1846 in Nentershausen in the Dukedom of Nassau. He was the son of innkeeper and butchershop owner Johann Hof and his wife Maria, nee Speier. He attended the elementary and preparatory schools and then went into his father's business as an apprentice. When he reached the age for military service he joined the Jäger Battalion in Mainz. After receiving a broken arm he was discharged.

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He then managed his father's business and was considered a prominent citizen of his home city. In 1870 he led Miss Anna Engelhardt to the altar. She was the daughter of Mayor Engelhardt of Görgeshausen near Westerburg, Nassau. The happy union was blessed with 7 children, of whom 5 died. Those children still living are Anna and Josef. In 1884 he lost his wife.

In 1886 Mr. Hof came to the New World in order to visit his sister, Mrs. Lenz, who lived here in Buffalo. He was so impressed with the city that he decided to establish his new home here with his children. He found a job at Klinck's Slaughterhouse as a sausage maker. He was employed there for 6 months, enough time for him gain the knowledge necessary to acclimate to his new surroundings. With this in mind he worked at the Teutonia Park Inn for a year and a half, then he established his own business at the corner of East Ferry and Grider Streets. In 1887 Mr. Hof married his current wife, a widow by the name of Frieda Jung, who emigrated in 1886 from Holzheim near Giessen in Hessen Darmstadt with her 2 sons, Wilhelm and Jacob. The sons were 13 and 14 at the time. The younger son along with Mr. Hof's own children are employed in his 3 businesses - the tavern, the butcher shop, and the slaughterhouse. The hard work of the young people and Mr. Hof's goal-minded leadership have led to success.

Mr. Hof enjoys the love and respect of a wide circle of people due to his friendly demeanor and excellent character. He is an active member of Mary Magdalene and St. Matthew's Catholic Churches. Furthermore he is a prominent member of the General German Support Association and the Tavern and Butcher's Union.

In 1910 Mr. Peter Hof travelled to Europe with his wife, staying there from June 14 til December 3. They visited just about all the large cities and beautiful regions. They were in Oberammergau for the Passion Play. Mr. Hof has brought back a treasure trove of beautiful memories from this trip and knows how to tell many interesting stories about fine examples of nature and art in the Old World.

Johann Hilburger

Johann Hilburger was born on February 12, 1862 in Leuchtenberg in the upper Rhine Palatinate. He was the son of master mason Johann Georg and his wife Rosina Hilburger. The parents provided their son with a fine education. He attended the local elementary and high schools. After graduating from the high school he continued on there as a graduate student.

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When he reached the age for military service he fulfilled his obligation with the 3rd Field Artillery Regiment in Munich.

In 1882 he came to Buffalo and found employment with builder Michael Hilburger. He stayed with him for 7 years. In 1889 he took over a wine and beer tavern at 1237 Genesee Street, which has a fine reputation. The tavern is joined to a large and beautiful hall in which 15 organizations and lodges hold their assemblies and meetings. Along with the tavern Mr. Hilburger has a bottled beer business, which has flourished and become ever more prominent due to his capable management and because of the excellent quality of the beer he sells. As a friend to German societal life he is a member of several groups including the Frohsinn, the Herwegh Men's Choir, the German-American Assembly, the Harugari, the Bavarian Ludwig Support League, and many other groups. He holds the office of treasurer of the Rifle Club and he is president of the Koschat Zither Club.

In 1889 he married Miss Maria Rudolph of Buffalo. From the idyllic marriage there is one daughter, Anna, who is 13 years old.

Mr. Hilburger enjoys the respect and admiration of the widest circle of acquaintances, as would be expected of a person of his caliber.

Alwin Ehms

Mr. Wilhelm Albert Alwin Ehms, one of the best known master bakers in the city, was born on July 12, 1869 in Apfelstedt near Neu-Diedendorf in the Dukedom of Coburg-Gotha. He was the son of Mr. Hermann Ehms. He attended the public school and apprenticed for 4 years with a master baker and confectioner. He learned his trade from the ground up and he started his journeymanship in one of the first bakeries in Erfurt. He had such success that he was soon able to establish his own business. At the bakery and confectioners shop in Erfurt he received a gold medal in 1898 and a diploma for his excellent baked goods. This was an honor in which few take part and it is a source of pride for Mr. Ehms.

In 1900 Mr. Ehms emigrated to the United States with his family and settled in Buffalo. In 1904 he started his own large bakery shop at the corner of Howard and Watson Streets. He was successful in this business from the start. His baked goods are of such excellent quality that he has been able to successfully compete against the large bakeries with their huge advertising campaigns. In 1904 he designed and executed a display wagon for the Bakers Union at the parade on Labor Day. It made quite an impression. In recognition for his efforts the union gave him a gold ring.

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Mr. Ehms regularly takes part in all German activities. He is a member of the Harugari Frohsinn, the Swabian Singing Society, and all the singing societies on the East Side, as well as the East Buffalo German Society and the Master Bakers Club. Furthermore he is a member of the Order of the Odd Fellows, the Harugari, and the Redmen.

On June 2, 1891 Mr. Ehms married Miss Anna Dietrich. In her he has found not only a loyal life partner and loving wife but an excellent assistant. A portion of his success is due to her untiring activity, her hard work and her business sense. The happy union has been blessed with 3 children: Hermann, Maria, and Hedwig Ehms. Mr. Ehms has a wide circle of friends due to his open manner and excellent character.

Joseph Enders

Mr. Joseph Enders, one of the best known Germans on the East Side, is no longer among the living. He crossed over to the other side on October 4, 1911 after a lengthy illness. He was a good citizen, a loving husband and father, and a true member of St. Ann's Catholic Church.

The deceased was born on October 19, 1860 in Buffalo. He attended St. Ann's School. In 1893 he established an undertaking establishment at 682 Broadway, which he managed successfully until his death.

Mr. Enders was a respected member of the Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association, Branch 24 of the C.B.L., Buffalo Council 166. Furthermore he was a member of the Order of the Royal Arcanum and the Foresters.

On August 18, 1886 Mr. Enders married Miss Catherina Reimann, who was a loyal and loving wife. With her they had 2 children: Stephan and Louise. Mr. Stephan Enders capably and successfully manages his father's business. Mr. Joseph Enders will be remembered and revered by all who knew him. May he rest in peace.

Lorenz Sticht

The well known plumber Mr. Lorenz Sticht, who enjoys enormous popularity among the Germans of the East Side, first saw the light of the world on April 3, 1874 in Selp, part of the upper Franken region of beautiful Bavaria. He was the son of Johann Sticht and his wife, nee Christiane Grodel. He was 6 years old when his parents emigrated to America and settled in Buffalo. Lorenz attended the public school and then apprenticed in the plumbing trade. He worked for many years with Elbacher & Davis and other large firms. Due to his knowledge, his hard work, and his frugality he was able to establish his own business on October 10, 1899. He was successful from the start and he has the well deserved reputation of being one of the best in his trade. That he understands his trade from the ground up is demonstrated by the fact that he was elected president of Master Plumbers Union.

Mr. Stricht is a prominent member of the Teutonia Liederkranz, in which he has served as treasurer for years. Furthermore he is a member of the Order of Redmen and various other organizations. Mr. Sticht has a large circle of friends because of his friendly manner and his truly Bavarian sense of the good life. On December 11, 1894 he married Miss Maria Ruckdäschel. The happy union has been blessed with 2 children: Florence and William. He lives with his family in a amicable home at 176 Read Street.

Maximilian Maier

Mr. Maximilian Maier is an especially well known and respected citizen in the Bavarian colony of the East Side. He was born on May 2, 1858 in Schönthal in the Upper Rhine Palatinate.
*He was the son of innkeeper Vitus Maier and his wife, nee Josefa Preisser. She was a school teacher's daughter. He attended the Catholic parish school in Schönthal and he apprenticed in the weaver's trade. At the same time he was a member of the fire department of Schönthal. In 1882 he decided to seek his fortune in the New World. On September 14, 1882 he arrived in Buffalo. It was his intention to immediately seek gainful employment. He was favorably impressed with Buffalo and decided to make it his new home, but he wanted to also bring back his bride. He returned to Europe and on October 10th of the same year he married Miss Barbara Lorenz in the parish church in Schönthal. He immediately returned with her to the New World and got back to Buffalo on October 30th. Here he worked for 2 years at Hamlin's sugar factory. Then he worked for 9 years in Ehrenzweig's paper factory and another 18 years in Cooper's box factory. For a year now he has been employed at the Montgomery Door and Trunk Factory.

Mr. Maier is now an active member of Mary Queen of Sorrows Church. Prior to this he was a member of St. Ann's Church, where for 10 years he was either a collector or he held some other post of honor. Furthermore he is a member of Branch 24 of the C.M.B.A. at St.Ann's. For 5 years he has been president of Section 7 of the Bavarian National Assembly and for 3 years he has been vice-president of the United Sections of this assembly. He's also one of the founders of the German Men's Choir. His wife, with whom he lives in wedded bliss, has given him 5 children: Johann, born August 16, 1885; Maximilian, born July 23, 1886; Barbara, born June 9, 1889; Maria, born June 24, 1891; and Joseph, born August 26, 1893. Mr. Maier lives with his family in a cozy home at 24 Fox Street.

*German text for this piece of translation can be found on page 256, which is available on Webpage 36

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