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Biographies for Eduard Heinrich Möller, Dr. Otto R. Eichel, Joseph Preiter, Julius Göttelmann, Jr., Leo J. Neupert, Eugen Dreher, and Otto C.J. Ehlers

Eduard Heinrich Möller

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Mr. Eduard Heinrich Möller is one of the young German-Americans of Buffalo. He was the son of Prof. Eduard Möller and his wife Marie Möller. He was born in Buffalo in August 1877. First he learned German and then in school he learned English. He was sent to the public school in his early years then he went to the Heathcote School, where he prepared himself for the university.

After he graduated with distinction he attended Harvard University, where he studied architecture, art, and language.

After returning to Buffalo he immediately acquired a position in the structural design division of the Lackawanna Steel Co. He was employed there for many years. In May 1904 Mr. Möller established his own architectural firm at the corner of Chippewa and Pearl Street. He used the education gleened from his first years of employment to introduce practical designs, thus uniting theoretical knowledge with experience. Many large structures located in Buffalo and outside the city testify to his ability and talent.

Mr. Möller is a member of many organizations including the Schlaraffia, the University Club, the Orpheus, the Society of Artists, the Harvard Club, and others.

Mr. Möller has taken many extended trips to Europe as well as America. He's seen many lands and met many people. He's had the advantage of experiencing many nations yet one of his best personal qualities is his love and respect for everything that is German.

Dr. Otto R. Eichel

Dr. Otto R. Eichel, son of the well known postal superintendent Mr. Robert Eichel, first saw the light of the world in Buffalo on April 30, 1883. He attended the public elementary and high schools and then went to the University of Buffalo in order to study medicine. He received his medical diploma on June 1, 1906 after passing his exams with distinction. After many years at the General Hospital and other institutions in Buffalo he decided to dedicate his time and energy to the control and treatment of tuberculosis. He has been engaged in this fight on many levels. In 1909 Dr. Eichel was appointed tuberculosis inspector for the City Health Commission.

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In 1911 he was promoted to chief of this excellent department.

Dr. Eichel, who has already made significant advances in the field of tuberculosis research, is the author of many articles and papers dealing with the "White Plague" and public hygiene. He is also identified with several philanthropic organizations and other associations in Buffalo, which have as their goal the alleviation of the conditions of poverty, in which the spread of the disease is most strongly marked.

Dr. Eichel has been appointed superintendent of the J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital for Tubercular Diseases in Perrysburg, N.Y.

Joseph Preiter

Mr. Joseph Preiter is one of the best known Germans on the East Side, especially among the Bavarians. His pleasant manner and integrity have made him a large number of friends. He first saw the light of the world on January 24, 1863 in Arnschwung near Furth in the Bavarian forest. He was the son of farmer and master cooper Martin Preiter and his wife Walburga, nee Steger. He attended the local school and the preparatory school and then learned the turning lathe trade with his uncle Johann Steger. At his mother's urging he gave this up in order to apprentice in the cobbler's trade, but the field wasn't to his liking so he returned to carpentry and turning. After learning the trade from the ground up he became a journeyman and travelled to Munich, Speyer, Berlin, Leipzig, and other cities in the German Empire. When he was 20 years of age the enterprising youth decided to seek his fortune in the New World. He left the old homeland on May 5, 1883 and came directly to Buffalo, entering the city on May 21st. At first he worked as a building carpenter. Later he worked for the New York Central Car Barn. Since 1889 he has been employed at the Pullman Sleep Car Works in East Buffalo, where he is considered among the most capable men in his field.

Mr. Preiter is a respected member of the Bavarian National Assembly, for which he was one of the zealous delegates in the German-American Assembly. Furthermore he is a member of the Bavarian Society for the Support of the Sick, the Bavarian Alpine Hunters, the German Support Association, the German Building Carpenters Union No. 355, the German Men's Choir, and the Sons of Munich. He is an honorary member of the German Dragoons. Mr. Preiter has held high offices in many organizations. He was vice-president of the German City Assembly as well as treasurer of the German Days Festival committee 2 times consecutively. He was a delegate and co-founder of the State Assembly in Utica.

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On August 24, 1885 Mr. Joseph Preiter married Miss Elisabeth Lutz. The happy union has been blessed with 4 children: Amalie, Elisabeth, Franziska, and Joseph. On August 25, 1910 the Bavarian National Assembly celebrated its silver jubilee in Teutonia Park, and Mr. and Mrs. Preiter celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at the same time. It was a glorious and extremely successful double celebration and the jubilant couple was surrounded by many organizations and friends offering best wishes and memorable gifts. Mrs. Preiter was born in Aschheim near Munich in Bavaria. She came as a 14-year-old girl with her parents to America. Incidently she too is known and loved in social and organizational circles of the East Side. For years she has been secretary of the ladies section of the Bavarian Alpine Hunters, the ladies section of the Bavaria Club, as well as a member of the Order of Maccabees. Mrs. Preiter was the first depositor at the Post Savings Bank, which was opened on September 9, 1911 in Buffalo. The family lives in their own friendly home at 28 A Street near Fillmore Avenue.

Julius Göttelmann, Jr.

Mr.Julius Göttelmann, Jr., son of a prominent old German innkeeper and farmer, was born on September 11, 1884 here in Buffalo. He attended the public school as well as St. Louis' Catholic Church School. He then went into his father's business, in which he was successfully employed for 19 years. He was thoroughly trained as an innkeeper. On May 1, 1907 he started his own business at 434 High Street. Due to his ability and friendly, courteous manner he had success from the start not only as an innkeeper but as a caterer, that is, as a provider of meals for excursion groups, tourists, and parties. His specialties are land parties and lake excursions. He has an excellent reputation. The largest and best clubs in the city are among his clientele. He knows how to live up to the billing and please his customers to the fullest.

Mr. Göttelmann Jr. is a member of St. Louis Church, the C.M.B.A., the Knights of St. John, the Buffalo Nest of the Orioles No. 1, the Order of the Redmen, the Wichita Tribe No. 266, the Buffalo Beer, Wine and Liquor Dealers Association, the Casino Bowling Club, the Teutonia Liederkranz, the Harugari Frohsinn, and other organizations. He is not only fully fluent in the German language but he is a good German. The bowling alley in his establishment is considered among the best and most modern in the city. It's a meeting point for many bowling clubs and a large number of others who like bowling. Since June 10, 1908 he has lived in happy matrimony. His wife's maiden name was Miss Rose S. Hall.

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Leo J. Neupert

Mr. Leo J. Neupert, the former representative of the 3rd District in the State Legislature, was born on October 2, 1877 here in Buffalo. He was the son of Mr. Anton Neupert, of the well known carpet dealership of Anthony Neupert & Co. He attended the public schools, completed his studies at the famous Canisius College, and became an insurance agent. He's been very successful in his field. He is a staunch Democrat. In 1907 he was elected State Legislator of the predominantly Republican 3rd Assembly District.

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He was reelected a second time and he has an excellent record. He was a strong orator for direct primary election. He advocated for an income tax amendment and through his efforts the Bird Island Pier Proposal passed as did the proposal insuring salary continuation for policemen in case of injury or illness.

Mr. Neupert is a member of St. Peter and Paul Church, the Knights of Columbus, the Order of Redmen, the Chamber of Commerce, and other clubs and organizations. In 1909 he married Miss Alice A. Hughes. The happy union has been blessed with 3 children: David, Leo John Jr., and Malcolm Hughes. He lives with his family in a friendly home at 31 East Utica Street.

Eugen Dreher

The goal-oriented and capable management of Mr. Eugen Dreher is to thank for the excellent reputation the Consumer Brewery of Buffalo enjoys and the large number of customers it has in this city.

Mr. Dreher was born on December 19, 1869 here in Buffalo. He attended the public schools and then went to the University of Buffalo in order to gain a broader knowledge base in business. He then became a bookkeeper in the office of Shreiner's Planing Mill, where he was successfully employed for a year.

In 1904 he became a bookkeeper in the service of the Lion Brewing Co. He advanced quickly due to his ability and dedication to duty. In 1906 the company was reorganized under the name Consumers Brewery of Buffalo and he took over the management of the large establishment. From the beginning he has proven that he is the right man for the job. The Consumer Brewery, located at 991 - 1043 Jefferson Avenue, enjoys a healthy rate of growth and an excellent client base.

Mr. Dreher is not only a capable businessman but a welcome and popular member of society. He is a member of the Order of Free Masons, the Odd Fellows, and the Eagles. He is also a member of the Buffalo Gymnastics Club, the Buffalo Sängerbund, and other organizations and clubs.

On October 2, 1897 Mr. Dreher married Miss Louise Schneider. Two growing sons, Harold and Eugen, are the fruit of this happy union. Mr. Dreher lives with his family in a cozy home at 200 Best Street.

Otto C.J. Ehlers

The housefather, Otto Clau. Johan. Ehlers, was born in Holstein. His father was a teacher and he followed in the profession.

*He received his career training in Hamburg, and after fulfilling his military duty he emigrated to the United States in 1884. At first he settled in Pennsylvania. In 1887 he went out West and stayed there for 3 years. Then he worked as a teacher in Allegheny, Pa., where he married Miss Katherine Molt. In 1895 he carried on his profession as a teacher and organist in Rochester, N.Y. He came to Buffalo in 1897, where he was employed as a teacher and organist at St. John's Church and Orphanage. Since that time he has managed the orphan facility in Sulphur Springs with care and love.

* German text for this piece of translation can be found on page 286, which is available on Webpage 42

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