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Biographies for Warren Prescott Bender, Adam J. Menges, S. Marquart, Johannes Wolf, George B. Krug, Dr. Albert H. Jung, and Eduard K. Riklin

Warren Prescott Bender

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Mr. W.P. Bender, secretary and business manager of Aragain Co., is a child of Buffalo and the offspring of one of the oldest and most respected German families of this city. He first saw the light of the world on June 12, 1875. His father, Philipp Heinrich Bender, came from Eschenbach in the Grand Duchy of Baden and came to America in 1845. Two years later he settled in Buffalo. In his youth he learned the book printing trade and later became owner of the German newspaper The Telegraph. Mr. Ph. H. Bender died in 1882 at the age of 52 in Washington, where he had moved a year before his death. The mother of Mr. W. P. Bender had the maiden name of Gelb and her parents came to Buffalo in 1836.

Young Bender received an excellent education. After graduating from the high school he was employed at the well known shoe business of W. H. Walker & Co. He stayed there for 10 years. During this time he became involved in the real estate and fire insurance business and today, as we have already mentioned, he is secretary and business manager of the Aragain Co. He also holds the position of franchise clerk in the Department of Public Works.

Mr. Bender is a member of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Furthermore he is a member of a large number of organizations such as the Hiram Lodge No. 106, F & A.M., the Germania Chapter No. 256 R.A.M., the Hugh DePayne Commandery No. 30 K.T., the Ismailia Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., the Zuleika Grotto No. 10, the B.P.O.E. No. 23, the Humboldt Club, the Automobile Club of Buffalo, and the Uncle Sams.

On October 25, 1904 he married Miss Maria Hessler. One daughter, Catharina Elisabeth, has come from the union. Mr. Bender is a brother of Dr. Ida C. Bender. He lives with his family in a beautiful home at 569 E. Utica Street.

Adam J. Menges

Mr. Adam J. Menges, a well known German-American and a respected businessman, first saw the light of the world on December 19, 1864 in Buffalo. He was the son of master carpenter Adam Menges and his wife Elisabeth, nee Volk. He attended the public schools and spent many years at a church school getting a basic education of German. He apprenticed in the carpentry trade. He found his first job in the ice chest factory of Geo. N. Pierce. He worked there for many years. Then he worked for 3 years for the Union Bridge Co.

In June 1888 Mr. Menges started a business at the Washington Market. It was a small store for vegetables, fruits, eggs, and poultry. Four years earlier he married Miss Maria Rothleder. In his young bride he found a capable assistant. The couple's hard work, honesty, and excellent customer service led to success. The business grew larger from year to year and today it is considered among the largest of its kind in Buffalo. Mr. Menges and his wife still stand at the helm of this prospering business, supported by their 3 children Henry, Anna, and Jenny.

Mr. Menges is a member of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Old Germans Society, the Buffalo Sängerbund, and various other groups and organizations. Despite his success Mr. Menges has remained a lovable and modest man.

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He has a large circle of friends and he enjoys the esteem of all who come in contact with him.

S. Marquart

Mr. Simpert Marquart, called Sam by his many friends, is a well known citizen of the East Side. He was born on March 7, 1861 in Ober-Fehring in the vicinity of Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. He was the son of brick works owner Simpert Marquart and his wife Johanna, nee Stangl. He attended the public school in his home district and apprenticed in the blacksmith trade. At the age of 20 he decided to seek his fortune in the New World and he came to America in 1881. First he went to Cleveland, Ohio where he was employed for 2 years at the Globe Boiler Works. Then he came to Buffalo, where many of his friends and compatriots lived. Here he found a position in the Wm. D. Collingwood Tool Works. Due to his ability he soon advanced to become foreman. He was employed at this company for 15 years. In 1892 he opened a tavern at the corner of Sycamore and Fox Streets. A year later in 1893 he bought the place at the corner of Sycamore and Herman Streets together with the Zöllner Mens Choir Hall, one of the oldest singing society headquarters in Buffalo.

On September 18, 1884 Mr. Marquart married Miss Clara Spann. In her he found a capable assistant who had much to do with the great popularity of "Sam" Marquart's place among the Germans in that part of the city. It is a happy union of southern and northern Germany since Mrs. Marquart is from Cleve. The marriage has been blessed with 2 children: Robert F. and Louise. Robert is a chip off the old block. Despite his young age he has an excellent position in the office of the Lake Shore Railroad Company and he has a promising career ahead of him.

Mr. Marquart belongs to St. Ann's Church and is a member of the church choir and the Catholic Workers Club of St. Ann's. Furthermore he is a member of the C.M.B.A., the Bavarian National Assembly, the First Prussian National Support League, the German Support Society, the St. Augustine Society, the Hopfen Society, and other organizations.

Johannes Wolf

Mr. Johannes Wolf was born on January 16, 1851 in Flein near Heilbronn in Württemberg. He was the son of wine grower Michael Wolf and his wife Elisabeth. Young Johannes attended the public school in his district and after school he learned gardening. In 1883 he came to America and settled immediately in Buffalo. Here he worked for the School Furnishing Co. among other places. But during this time he did not give up his learned profession.

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He wanted to be self-employed. In 1893 he established his own wine shop with a tavern in the building at 57 Walden Avenue. His great popularity and excellent business sense helped him build a good business over the course of time.

Mr. Wolf regularly takes part in German organizational events. He is a member of the Harugari Frohsinn, the Swabian Singing Society, the Foresters, the Harugari, and the Odd Fellows. He's a member of a parish organization and Bethlehem Church.

In 1877 he married Julia Vogelmann, a compatriot from Adelmannfelden in the District of Aalen. One daughter, Julia, and one son, John, have come from this union of hearts.

George B. Krug

Mr. George B. Krug is Superintendent of the Holding Center in Erie County, an institution whose administration is recognized as a model for all and has received high praise. Mr. Krug first saw the light of the world on September 15, 1870 in Cohocton in the State of New York. He was the son of German merchant George Krug and his wife. He attended the Union School in his home district and became a telegrapher. The alert, curious, and anxious-to-serve young man advanced quickly and held the position of assistant dispatcher for the Delaware & Western Railroad in Elmira, N.Y. Then he relocated with the same railroad to Buffalo, where he further advanced to the Ticket Department of the New York Central Railroad here in Buffalo. In 1893 he went into the Police Department as a desk sergeant. In the following year, 1894, he was appointed to the post of Private Detective by then Mayor Jewett. He executed this position with ability and skill and in 1900 he was transferred back to the Police Department as a desk sergeant. In 1908 he was appointed Superintendent of the Erie County Holding Center. This position required that one pass a Civil Service Exam. Of 39 applicants throughout the state Mr. Krug scored at the top with 100%.

It was soon apparent that they had the right man for the job. He made the institution a model one. This pronouncement comes from a Grand Jury report into the administration of said institution in which the administrator received the highest praise: "It was the most pleasant duty of this Grand Jury to inspect the County Holding Center, which is certainly a paragon of cleanliness and is sufficient proof of what can be done when the heart of the overseer is involved.

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"It is our hope that other administrators of Erie County will use Superintendent Krug as an example. His ability and capable management cannot be too highly commended."

Mr. Krug has a large circle of friends and he is a welcome and lovable member of society. He prefers travelling in German circles. He belongs to many German organizations and he is completely fluent in the German language. Since December 3, 1902 he has lived in happy matrimony with his wife, born Jane M. Vorman.

Dr. Albert H. Jung

Dr. Albert H. Jung, one of the best known and most sought-out dentists in the city despite his young age, was born on April 11, 1877 in Buffalo. His father was the beloved and respected pastor of St. Peter's Evangelical Church. Pastor Edward Jung, son of an immigrant pioneering family which came from the Rhine Palatinate in 1846, died in 1894.

Albert Hugo Jung attended the public schools and the high school and then went to the University of Buffalo to study dentistry and surgery. After passing his exams with distinction and receiving his degree in dentistry in 1898 he established a practice at the corner of Goodell and Ellicott Street. Within a short period of time it became a lucrative practice. His excellent knowledge of the field, his extraordinary skill, and his friendly, sympathetic manner have yielded him a large number of patients. His ability and skill are recognized by his colleagues as well.

Dr. Jung values German manners and customs and regularly takes part in German activities. He is a member of the Orpheus and the Sängerbund. He participated in the celebrations of both organizations and he is always a welcome guest. Furthermore he is a respected member of the following professional and social organizations: the Buffalo Dental Association, the Eighth District Dental Society of New York, the Buffalo Canoe Club, the American Canoe Associaton, the Acacia Club, the Washington Lodge No. 240 F.& A.M., the Keystone Chapter No. 163 N.A.M., the Hugh de Payens Commandery No. 30, K.T., the Zuleika Grotto No. 19, the Ismailia Temple A.A.D.N.M.S., and the Notary Club of Buffalo.

Eduard K. Riklin

Eduard Karl Riklin was born on February 8, 1877 in the beautiful country of Switzerland near the old city of Zurich. He was the son of machine manufacturer Eduard Riklin and his wife Elise, nee Bücheler. He attended the public school and high school and then went to the polytechnical institute in order to study machinery manufacturing.

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Having the best credentials and being capable in his field, he found a lucrative position in his homeland but the wanderlust felt by so many Swiss of this beautiful homeland came upon him, but this was not the only factor. He wanted to find greater work opportunities like those available in the land of unlimited possibilities, so he crossed the ocean in 1902.

After a short stay in New York he found a position as a machinist in Rochester in order to perfect his knowledge of the native language. Then he went to Chicago where he found a position as an engineer for 15 months. Then he went to San Francisco. He might have stayed longer because he liked California but then the great earthquake hit. He had almost died. He became disgusted with California. He went back to New York and there Mr. Riklin met a beautiful compatriot, Miss Annie Meyer. He married her on Febraury 16, 1907. After this he was employed as an engineer in Newark for 3 1/2 years and when the position he currently holds opened up, he proved that he was the right man for the job. Since he and his wife liked the idyllic city on the shores of the Niagara River, they decided to make it their home. A few years ago Mr. Rikling had an elegant house built at 62 Hill Street. For half a year now he has lived there with his wife and their 2 children, Edward and Anita.

Mr. Riklin is a member of the German-American Technicians Club and when time permits he participates in other clubs. He takes a lively interest in German activities. He's made many extended trips throughout the United States. He's been to Yellowstone Park, the goldlands of California, and sunny Florida.

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