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Why the Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Congregation of Buffalo separated itself from Pastor Grabau
Grabau's false Doctrine from the Word of God
Grabau's false Doctrine concerning the Ban

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Grabau's Self-Elevation
Historical Facts
How Grabau established his Possession of the Church Property
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How Grabau in the name of God withdrew from the Buffalo Synod and thereby snatched Synod Property
How the Lawsuit over the Martin Luther College came about.
The Lawsuit

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The Lawsuit (continued)
Grabau's Response
The Decision
The Sworn Statements of the College Trustees
The Judge's Authorization
Further Proofs from Grabau's Feather

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Further Proofs from Grabau's Feather (continued)
Another Court Case
The Decision

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Translator's Note: In several places in the text, the legal documents are presented in English and then rendered into German. In each case I have ignored the English and set myself to the task of translating the German as the Germans of Buffalo in the 19th Century would have understood it. Surprisingly it often makes more sense in German than it does in English. The reader will notice slight differences in meaning - whereas the English documents reflect dry, legal content, some of the German translations have emotional components added by the author of the text.

A Photo Gallery taken from the book Geschichte der Deutschen in Buffalo und Erie County, New York [History of the Germans in Buffalo and Erie County, New York], Pages 268 - 275

Buffalo Daily Courier - Monday, June 9, 1879: Page 2, column 3 center.


Rev. Dr. Grabau, for Forty Years Pastor of the
German Lutheran Trinity Church

The funeral of the late Rev. J.A.A. Grabau, D.D., for forty years pastor of the German Lutheran Trinity Church, corner of Goodell and Maple Streets, took place yesterday. The remains were enclosed in a black cloth covered casket, elaborately trimmed and a plate upon the lid was inscribed as follows:

J.A.A. Grabau.
Died June 2d, 1879,
aged 75 years

There were a number of handsome floral tributes. The attendance at the obsequies was exceedingly large. The Lutheran clergymen present from abroad were Rev. E. Meldebuke, D.D., pastor of St. Peter's Church, New York; Rev. J.F.C. Hennicke, pastor of St. Paul's Church, New York; Rev. Charles Gram, formerly of Buffalo, pastor of St. Paul's Church, Milwaukee, a former pupil of the deceased; Rev. A. Lange, pastor St. Matthew's Church, Detroit; Rev. William Grabau, Cedarburg, Wis., and Rev. John Grabau, Burgholz, Niagara county, sons of the deceased; Rev. C. Sabbin, Altamont, Ill.; Rev. Philip Ackerman, Roseville, Mich.; Rev. A. Stecholz, Martinsville, Niagara County; Rev. W. Macensen, Berlin, Ont.; Rev. Martin Burk, assistant to the deceased; and Rev. John Kintermartin, of the Martin Luther College, of this city, which was founded by the deceased, likewise participated.


commenced at the parsonage, corner of Goodell and Michigan streets, at half past eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and were opened with a hymn sung by the congregation. An address was then delivered by Rev. A. Stecholz, following which prayer was offered by Rev, C. Sabbin, and the remains were then removed to the church, the trustees of the church acting as pall-bearers, their names being M. Schauntoeffel, Frederick Ruddemeier, Henry Hahn, John Riedel, W. Beitz and J. Burgman. The clergy preceded the corpse in a body, and following it were the mourners, and then the members of the congregation. On arriving


the interior of which was elaborately and tastefully decorated with black and white draping, the congregation sang a chant as the coffin was borne in and down the aisle. When the altar was reached, Rev. P. Ackerman chanted the liturgy. The remainder of the services consisted of an eloquent funeral sermon by Rev. Charles Gram, and addresses by Rev. A. Lange and J.F.C. Hennicke, which were interspersed with hymns by the choir. At the close of his address Rev. Hennicke chanted the liturgy and then pronounced the benediction, after which all who desired were afforded an opportunity to view the remains. So large was the number who availed themselves of the invitation that an hour elapsed before all had taken a farewell look. The funeral procession to Pine Hill, where the interment took place, was a very long one.


the services consisted of singing and an extended address by Rev. Dr. Meldebuke, following which an anonymous poetic tribute to the deceased, which had accompanied a floral offering, was read, and also a touching poem in memory of his department associate, by Rev. Mr. Burk. While the grave was being filled the congregation sang a hymn, and then another chant was given by the church choir while those in attendance were taking their departure.

Buffalo Evening News, early edition,
Page 1 (upper left), November 30, 1906


Professor in Martin Luther Seminary,
Who is Dead at His Home in

Rev. William Grabau, who had been a professor in the German Martin Luther Seminary on Maple street for 20 years, died yesterday at his home, 217 Northampton street. Two years ago next Sunday he preached his last sermon, and had been ill ever since. Prof. Grabau was born in Prussia 71 years ago. Coming to Buffalo with his parents at the age of four years, he spent a great portion of his life here. His father, Rev. J. A. A. Grabau, was the organizer of the synod in this city. The professor was widely known in Buffalo and universally esteemed.

He is survived by his wife and eight children, Rev. H. R. Grabau of Williamsville, Dr. A. W. Grabau of New York, Philip Grabau of Boston, Mrs. Robert Ziemer of Altamont, Ill., Mrs. Grace Bruss of Columbia, Mich., and John F., Lucy and Rose Grabau of this city. The body will be taken to the seminary on Maple street Saturday morning and will remain there until Sunday afternoon, when the funeral will be held from Trinity German Lutheran Church, Goodell and Maple street at 2:30 o'clock. Burial will be at Pine Hill.

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