The Life of the Reverend J. An. A. Grabau - Portrait, Title, Preface and Table of Contents

J. An. A. Grabau

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Gies & Co. Buffalo, N.Y.

The Life

— of —

the Reverend

J. An. A. Grabau

Late Pastor of the Lutheran Trinity Church
of Buffalo, and Senior Minister of
the Buffalo Synod

Born on March 18, 1804

Died on June 2, 1879,

at the age of 75 Years, 2 Months and 15 Days



John. A. Grabau,

Pastor at Bergholz,
Niagara Co., N.Y.


Remember your teachers, who spoke the Word of God to you. Consider their end and imitate their faith. - Hebrews 13:7


Buffalo, N.Y. - 1879
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To the many friends and acquaintances of my blessed father, inside and outside our synodal band, I deliver herewith this brief history of his life, which moved many and did God's work for the church. I gathered material from the notes, diaries and documents, which he himself left behind, as well as what was previously published in "Traugott" [Trust in God] in 1859, other writings and published reports, especially from the time of persecution, further supplementing them with historical communiqués.

The doctrinal disputes of the blessed deceased one, concerning the confession of truth, will only be referred to and introduced in its historical context for it can not be the purpose of this work to discuss such things in the description of this life. He has already sufficiently done so in his private and synodal writings.

The Lord, Our God, has blessed his beloved church in many ways through the service of His servant, who has returned home, and many souls have found the way to heaven through him, who has allowed this little composition to serve the purpose of maintaining his memory and delivering a blessing upon us and our children.

New Bergholz, Niagara Co., N.Y.,             Joh. A. Grabau
         August 1879

Table of Contents


Part One

  I. — The Childhood and School Years of Pastor
          J. A. A. Grabau: Page 3
 II. — The First Ministerial Activity in School and Church
          (1832 - 1836): Page 6
III. — Testimony against the Union; Beginning of the
          Persecution (1836): Page 10
 IV. — A Report published in 1837 concerning
           Pastor Grabau: Page 20
  V. — Rescue from Imprisonment and Flight: Page 26
 VI. — Rearrest and Deliberation over Emigration: Page 31
VII. — Emigration: Page 36

Part Two

  I. — Arrival and First Year in America,
          Settling in Buffalo: Page 41
 II. — Beginning of the Doctrinal Dispute with the Saxon
          Pastors in the State of Missouri: Page 45
III. — Establishment of the Preparatory Institution, the Synod,
          Journey to Germany, College Building and Dedication:
           Page 50
 IV. — The Events of 1866: Page 53
  V. — The College Trial: Page 67
 VI. — Pastor Grabau's Last Years; His Illness,
           Death and Funeral: Page 72
VII. — Closing Comments: Page 91


Deed to the land parcel of the German Martin Luther College: Page 94
The Act of Incorporation: Page 97

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