The German-American Citizens Alliance Organized

Taken from the Syracuse Union, Thursday, August 24, 1922 p.5

The following letter was sent to the editorial staff of the newspaper:

Chicago, Ill.
August 21, 1922

Dear Editors:

The German-American National Conference of July 15th through 17th has acknowledged the Citizens Alliance as the national organization of the German-American community. All German associations have endorsed joining the Bund.

Due to the unconditional need for a unanimous merger of the German population on American soil we urgently ask you to carry the enclosed announcement of the Citizens Alliance whole or in part in your treasured newspaper.

With gratitude in advance for your willingness to help in the interest of a good cause, and with German greetings, we are sincerely yours as commissioned by the D.A. National Conference, German-American Citizens Alliance,

                        Heinrich Heine, President

                        Arthur Lorenz, Secretary

We are please to concede to this request and print the following announcement. This may give the local alliance delegates previously assigned on the last Sunday in September an idea of how an anonymous merger is sweeping cross the country.

to all Americans of German

Let flames ignite within your German hearts!
Let them merge together and light the way!

Why a Citizens Alliance was established.

In the darkest and most difficult hours which can divide a portion of a population, the German community of America has been segregated and torn apart without organizations, without leaders or champions, and without the power which only comes from solidarity. We saw ourselves condemned to loss of our civil rights, forced to endure insults, indignities, humiliation and persecution. Our physical safety and property were threatened. It was spiritual maltreatment which damaged us to the core.

The German-American Citizens Alliance was born out of these hours of hardship. It was founded by a few determined men in Chicago and it has already grown to several thousands of members. It plans to implement far-reaching programs provided it can convince all Americans of German heritage to join.

What Is the Citizens Alliance Trying to Achieve?

The German-American Citizens Alliance is a Protection and Defense Organization of the German People of American Nationality. Its pledge of loyalty to our adopted fatherland is enscribed on its flag. The Alliance is prepared to perform its utmost for the advancement of America's well being and it holds its members ever mindful of the righteous and selfless exercise of their duties as citizens.

However after the experiences of the past few years we have learned that loyalty and the fulfillment of duties to the nation have not protected us from anglophile agitators and nativist rabble and even treatment as second class citizens by people in public office. The willingness to fulfill our duties as citizens need to add a resolution to force recognition and attention to our rights as citizens.

Why should Everyone Join the Citizens Alliance?

No self-respecting and conscientious German can erase the memories of the countless incidents of maltreatment perpetrated against him by fellow citizens during the days of war hysteria. We still hear in our heads how one Democrat senator called us a pariah on the Amercian people in open session or while the now silent great denouncer of the Republican Party besmirched us with the insult "huns in our own house."

"We Germans cry for a short time but we remember for a long time," one of our great poets said. From the events and experiences of the past few years we can draw but one lesson: We must come together in a united front to silence the forces of the arrogant, bare-faced lies of the nativists. We must stand up as guardians of true American ideals in the future and dispel every new attempt to toy with the destiny of our country.

As individuals we are ineffective and defenseless prey of dark powers, which over the past few years have declared the Germans outlaws and disclosed their alleyway lynch-mob mentality. As an organization we can not only successfully defend ourselves but also create an appropriate place for German integrity and vindication in the American political arena.

Whoever respects the equality of citizens of German extraction in America, whoever esteems his German character and his German language, will hasten to the ranks of the Citizens Alliance because he knows that he must clear the streets of the Nativists and the Know-Nothings. When the Citizens Alliance becomes the organization of the multitude of German-Americans, this will impress the American people and secure the civil rights of the citizens of German extraction.

What Dangers Threaten This Country?

Bigotry and arrogant fanatacism follow hot on the heels of the spirit of racial hatred and German harassment in America. The Prohibition Law has outrageously fettered the personal freedom of the citizenry. People sneak around this country spying and denouncing others to the police because they cannot leave us Germans to enjoy our old-fashioned, harmless and joyful lifestyle. These are the challenges facing the German-American and he must be just as determined as the bigots and fanatics....[the next six lines are too damaged to render translation]....however while the voice of the individual is pertinent, the protest of a mass organization such as the Citizens Alliance not only is pertinent but necessary. Whosoever wants to reside in the customs of our German forefathers and regain his personal freedom should join the Citizens Alliance so that the voice of the German community of America may speak to the rest of the country.

How Can We Prevent These Dangers?

Since we've learned through sad experiences that we cannot leave the leadership of the nation's destiny and the administration of the political landscape to the English daughters of an English mother, the German-Americans must see the necessity of participating in the basic and far-reaching aspects of American politics. German-Americans need only to learn from the Anglo-Saxon Yankees that the way to political power is obtained through political organization. The Citizens Alliance is actively involved in building this organization to facilitate the voice of German-American voters in every precinct, in every ward, in every legislative and congressional arena, in every round of voting in the Senate, and of course in order to create an audience within the presidential office. Within the Citizens Alliance the voices of millions of citizens of German abstraction shall resound! No one may stand on the sidelines. No one should exhibit frustration or apathy or false conservatism and thus console himself by saying things will happen without me. Each individual is important and indispensible. Each German-American must take on this self-imposed duty by becoming a member of the Citizens Alliance.

We Can Only Procure An Audience Through Strong Organization.

Over the past few years people have trodden us underfoot. For the sake of our heritage we were the only ones who held firmly to genuine American ideals. We stand stronger and more determined on the firmament of the Declaration of Independence, the gospel of the primal human rights of freedom and equality. We wholeheartedly advocate the Americanism of the fathers of this republic and especially the need for equal rights for our citizenry! We can only succeed if we resolutely come together. As individuals we are specks of dust which can be blown away by a nativist's mouth. As an alliance of German-American citizens we will solidify our existence in the American political system. We cn achieve something if we are strong and we will be strong when we join together. History is teaching the people of Germany once again that its happiness and its well-being depends upon unity. And so it is for the Germans on American soil. Either we will be trampled upon as individuals or we make our wishes known as a determined organization. The moment has come for us German-Americans, and as old Attinghausen says in "Wilhelm Tell,"

                  Hold fast together, then-forever fast!
                   Let freedom's haunts be one in heart and mind!
                   Set watches on your mountain-tops, that league
                  May answer league, when comes the hour to strike.
                   Be one—be one—be one.

Let the Alliance be your alliance. Let the German-American Citizens Alliance be the voice of every American of German extraction so we may proundly carry our German names and foster respect for them!

*                  *                  *

Membership $1.00 per year; associations with at least 25 members pay 25 cents per member per year.

Correspondence should be directed to the Finance Secretary Ernst Brosius, 1646 N. Wells St., Chicago, Ill.

German-American Citizens Alliance of the United States
National Headquarters: 1646 N. Wells St., Chicago, Ill.


Program for the Delegates Meeting
and for the 25th Anniversary
of the C.N.Y. Sängerbund in
Syracuse, Sunday and Monday
the 3rd and 4th of September, 1922.

....[the next six lines are too damaged to render translation]....2-5 reception and anniversary celebration of the Central New York Sängerbund at Arron Hall.

Monday morning - continuation and close of business meeting. Auto tour to see the sights of the city and surrounding area.

Lunch (chicken dinner) at Hinerwadel's Picnic Grove, Stop 6 of the South Bay Cable Car Line. Open socializing.


Letter of Thanks from the Campaign Committee for raising funds to feed undernourished German children.


"Syracuse Union,"
To Mr. Christian Peil, Editor
   Syracuse, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Peil!

The Executive Committee of a $3,000,000 fund to feed German children met in conference on August 3, 1922 and made the following resoltion:

In consideration of the fact that the raising of funds for the feeding of German children for the year 1921-22 concluded on July 31, that the targeted goal of $1,350,000 was reached, and that the campaign received superb support from the German Press it is hereby

Resolved: We extend our gratitude to all who participated in this $3,000,000 campaign and commission our Secretary to communicate this resolution in various newspapers.

It is with pleasure that I undertake the aforementioned assignment.

The Child Nourishment Program conducted by the Central Committee, Inc., 247 E. 41st St., New York will continue and I have firm assurances that your further support for our campaign will continue to be given in the same selfless manner.

Respectfully yours,
For the $3,000,000 Campaign to Feed German Children,
H.H. Schmidt, Correspondence Secretary.


The Value of the Mark


New York, August 21st. — Today the Mark's value was quoted as 8 ⅝ Cents per hundred Marks.


Some foreigners awhile back drove through the streets of Berlin and scattered handfuls of paper money among the crowds. If they had really wanted to help the poor they certainly could have found a better way to do it other than make fun of the poverty in the German nation.


Despite the warning of some insightful members, the Senate placed a prohibitory duty on dyes and chemicals. That will take its toll this Autumn.

Translation by Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks, September 23, 2021