Sunday, February 2, 1902 - Page 4, column 8, middle

Battle Prayer of the Old Saxons

Most interesting is the prayer of the Saxons of the time of Charlemagne in their war against him. The mighty leader, whom we call "Karl the Great," they called "Karl the Butcher." In the archives at Goslar one finds the following prayer to their god of thunder in the Old Saxon language: "Great and Holy Wotan, help us and our field general Wittekind and the captains to defeat Karl the Butcher. I give you an aurochs [an extinct European bison], two sheep and a beehive. I slaughter all your prisoners in your holy mountain realm."


An Indoor Garden

Nothing gives more joy than starting your own flowers from seed, even if you don't have a few small pots sitting around the house. Egg shells are an acceptable substitute. In the end of the egg shell half poke a little whole with a small stick, fill the shell with earth, place a few seeds in it and set the egg shell pot in a small crate filled with sawdust. Write the name of the plant on the egg shell. When the plant grows to a size where it can be transplanted, gently pop the shell away and set the plant with the soil in the designated pot.