Sunday, September 29, 1901 - Page 3, column 6, bottom

The Moth Festival

After a many-year hiatus the members of the Berlin cloth and wool weavers union have once again held an age-old guild celebration, the Moth Festival. The festival has remained true to the old custom. Huge coaches, decorated with giant moths and moth weed flaps made of rags, created much excitement on the streets as they transported festival participants, many of whom had come from the province specifically for the celebration. The coaches took them to the Treptow District, where they elected the "Old Master" and the "Men of the Seal" and tapped the kegs of "Guild Beer". Until about a decade ago the Moth Festival was regularly held in Lichtenberg. It was comparable to a general folk festival such as the Stralau Fishing Party or the King's Shooting Competition, which in earlier times hosted the princes, their guests and councilors. The Moth Festival, so joyously celebrated, marks the end of summer and the end of the moth infestation, which creates so much work for the cloth makers. According to the chronicle the festival was celebrated for the first time in the year 1504. Until the middle of the 18th Century the center of Berlin cloth manufacture, which had high standing, was located on Ross Strasse (Horse Street), which was previously called Rascher Street (Fast Street), then Raschmacher Strasse (Fast Producer Street). It was named for the wool weavers known for their fast work.