The Buffalo Volksfreund [The Buffalo People's Friend], a German newspaper published from 1868 until 1982. Microfilm coverage begins at January 2, 1891.

Monday, August 5, 1901 - page 4, column 4 bottom

The Pfälzer Rundschau [Palatinate Review] describes the fate of the editor in the following droll verse:

         The editor of today
         is sorely pressed,
         he answers to all
         he finds no rest.
         From early morn
         to darkest night,
         the work of others
         becomes his plight.
         Peruse, correct
         change, verify;
         chin deep in telegrams
         needing reply.
         Sift through dense
         scientific theorums,
         colorful skits
         and pithy poems.
         Choose lead articles,
         use your head;
         get the facts wrong
         and your paper is dead.
         Answer a thousand
         requests and questions,
         comply with wishes,
         face accusations.
         No matter how silly
         a grievance might be
         you're not allowed
         to get angry!
         Oh no, you must
         pleasantly respond
         be friendly and courteous
         as you correspond.
         Great heaven above
         that's still not all;
         the telephone keeps
         ringing off the wall!
         Truly the editor's
         duties are great.
         He must have strong nerves
         to survive his fate!