The Buffalo Volksfreund [The Buffalo People's Friend], a German newspaper published from 1868 until 1982. In 1901 the Volksfreund was a daily newspaper and the publication was known as the Täglicher Buffalo Volksfreund

June 29, 1901

The Oldest Brother in Song.

Dr. John Hauenstein, born in Degerfelden in the Canton of Aargan on June 28, 1821, celebrated his 80th Birthday yesterday. He is the only surviving original member of the oldest singing society in Buffalo, the German Singing Society of Buffalo, which was established on April 8, 1844.

The "Volksfreund" offers its warmest congratulations to this venerably old birthday boy, who remains ever youthful, animated and physically sound.

A Mournful Resolution

At a meeting of the Board of Managers of the "Buffalo Catholic Institute" the following resolution was passed: As we deeply mourn the death of our respected colleague, Mr. Charles Lautz, who for many years was one of our most active and generous benefactors, who was president of our Institute four times, who was a member of the Building Committee and who was always one of our greatest supporters, especially in the building of our Children's Department. We owe a debt to him and to his wife. As we bow to the will of God so we feel the loss of a man whom we so greatly treasured. We give expression to our sorrow for the grief suffered by his loving wife, from whom a loyal and devoted husband was taken, and the loss suffered by the entire city, which has lost an honorable man in every respect. So it must be.

Resolved, that we heretofore submit in our time of mourning, that this Institute with the death of Mr. Charles Lautz has lost its best and truest member and wisest counsellor. His memory will never be extinguished.

Further resolved, that a copy of this resolution will be sent to his grieving wife, who has our deepest sympathy.

And further, that out of respect for his memory the Children's Department of the Library will be shrouded in black for thirty days.

        The Committee

A Dive into the Water!

How many ladies don't want to go into deep water? And how many of them have chosen not to? Very few.

Nearly every woman suffers from weakness of the mucous membranes of her internal organs, which can deprive her of the life force and energy. She's a nervous wreck and finds that life is not worthwhile. It's often said that she has dyspepsia or other female weaknesses, when her symptoms can not be diagnosed as a cold or as an inflammation of the delicate mucous membranes of her organs.

All she needs is Peruna and nothing else. It is the only medicine which is effective in returning her to vitality. Why lead a miserable life when Peruna can make everything right? This medicine is a tonic for the entire body, and there is absolutely no doubt that it may be the only real cure for all such ailments.