The World Citizen
A Literary and Political Newspaper

Published by G. Zahm, Book Printer and Book Dealer, No. 290 Main Street, Buffalo

Buffalo, December 23, 1837

December 23, 1837 - Page 1, Column 1

(Submitted by Mr. David Rothen)

The Christmas Celebration

The echoing song of a heavenly choir
in Bethlehem fields, the holiest of nights.
God lets the shepherds be the first to hear,
The sacred message, which the angel recites:
      "To you, good shepherds, I bring glad tidings,
      Share the news with one and all.
      The Lord is born, the world's salvation,
      In a humble Bethlehem stall."

God's anointed redeemer has come to the world,
Faithful hearts have prayed for so long.
The Creator's gift, His love of man,
is proclaimed in the heavenly song.
      "All glory to God on heaven and earth,
      May peace and justice preside!
      The Lord above bestows His blessing.
      May it in mankind reside!

With haste the shepherds abandoned their flocks,
Joyful hearts, fearing no danger.
They found the creator of heaven and earth,
An infant asleep in the manger.
      Forsaking Godhood to save the world,
      Jesus took on our human nature;
      To absolve our sins and sanctify our souls
      He was born in a humble pasture.

Raise your voices, O earthly chorus,
Let His praises now be sung!
Sing in union with the heavenly choir,
Of the child in the manger, God's son!
      Hasten, sinful brothers. Be fearless!
       The time of forgiveness is nigh.
      Faithfully kneel before Jesus,
      And pray to Our Savior on high!

December 30, 1837 - Page 1, Column 1

A New Years Wish

From the starry vault of heaven
Descends a bright new year.
Wishes and pleas echo
And fall upon one's ear.

Poverty cries, "I drink water,
My bread is rock hard too.
Give me tasty food and drink
So I may feast, like you!"

Avarice calls, "I cannot rest,
For it's gold that I am after.
May God make my coffers grow
So forever I will prosper!"

Ambition says, "I look around,
And do my best to succeed.
I could use your influence
To get the boost I need!"

Selfishness states, "Give me more,
Give it all. I want everything I see.
Never mind anyone else,
Just take good care of me!"

Friendship observes, "Amnity
Is the best gift you can send.
I'd rather lose everything
Than disappoint a friend!"

Love declares, "I endure
With patience. My wants and needs are stilled.
But your needs, my second soul,
I'll strive to see fulfilled!"

The rest of us send greetings,
"Mankind, be of good cheer.
Whether in humble huts or palaces
Have a happy and peaceful New Year!"