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Biographies for Leo P. Frohe, Fritz Lochmann, Fred Joseph Dorn, Charles Ulrich, William H. Sievers, Friedrich Erion, and Charles Gruber

Leo P. Frohe

"God bless art!" An all too large portion of the United States unfortunately does not recognize artistic endeavor. It goes against the pragmatic sense of Americans. Thus we are all the happier when we encounter true art in this land, for art is a goal in itself and not a means to some other goal. Thus it is for Leo P. Frohe, founder and owner of the Frohe Art Stained Glass Establishment. Mr. Frohe comes from a family of artists. There are still artworks in Frohe's attic which were created by his father and seem to influence the son's artistic production.

Leo P. Frohe was born on August 26, 1851 in Sittard, Holland. In 1862 he came with his mother and his sisters to Buffalo, joining his father who had come a year earlier in order to find them a home in their new homeland. The young artist received his education in the old fatherland and here in Buffalo. Already as a lad he showed a strong talent for painting and drawing, which was nurtured by his father's instruction. He chose glass painting as a speciality and educated himself to become one of the premier artists in America. For many years he was the manager of the Buffalo Stained Glass Works. In 1895 he established his own artist's workshop. His excellent artworks, especially church stained glass windows, attest to the artistry of their creator. Frohe's work won a silver medal at the Paris Exhibition in 1889. Frohe's Art Gallery must compete with the foremost art studios of Europe. In most cases Frohe's is the winner. We may feel proud to have such a man as a citizen of our community.

In 1876 Mr. Frohe married Miss Magdalena Weyland of Buffalo. The happy union has produced 11 children, six of whom have died. Those children still living are Gertrude, Mrs. Albert Stager; Louise A, Mrs. Edwin Hettig; Edward M.; Fernando A.; and Laurina C.

The family residence is at 703 Ellicott Street. The art studio is at 218-220 Broadway.

Mr. Frohe is a member of St. Mary's and St. Michael's Church. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Buffalo Regiment of the Knights of St. John. He himself refers to his membership in this order as his hobbyhorse.

Fritz Lochmann

Anyone who knows Mr. Fritz Lochmann, cashier and head bookkeeper of the Phoenix Brewery, will tell you that he is a popular man, Saxon by temprament and German in character.

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Fritz Lochman first saw the light of the world on December 1, 1851 in the outback of the beautiful Saxon area of Switzerland near the industrial city of Ernsthall-Hobenstein. He attended the public schools and learned the weavers trade. The enlightened and enterprising young man however wished to broaden his prospects and see the world. At the age of 20 he emigrated to America and came directly to Buffalo. After being employed here for a few years he made a trip to San Francisco via the Isthmus of Panama. For him it was an interesting and unforgettable experience. In the city of the golden gate he found a good post in the leather business. He joined the gymnastics club there and was counted as an active and enthusiastic member.

In 1887 Mr. Lochmann returned to Buffalo, where he found his next employment in the office of the Buffalo Cooperative Brewery. He later took over the management of the Gymnastics Hall, then located at 385 Ellicott Street. Twenty years ago he became a bookkeeper for the Phoenix Brewing Co. Over the years his diligence and dedication to duty have allowed him to be promoted to head bookkeeper.

Mr. Fritz Lochman is a member of the Order of Free Masons and the Buffalo Gymnastics Club, the Siegfried Club, the Sängerbund, and many other clubs. He regularly takes part in all German activities. He enjoys the respect of all and he has a large circle of friends.

Fred Joseph Dorn

Mr. Fred Joseph Zorn is one of the best known and most respected citizens and businessmen in the city. He operates a flourishing jewelry and watch business at 87 Genesee Street. Although he was born here in Buffalo on February 24, 1856, as his name would suggest he is a true German through and through. His parents, who emigrated from Hessen-Darmstadt, are Philip Dorn and his wife. They made sure their son had a proper German education. He attended St. Michael's School, City School 14, and St. Joseph's College. He studied the watchmaking trade. In order to broaden his knowledge and range of experience he went to New York when he was 18. He was in Philadelphia during the Centennial Exposition. He worked for 6 years in Philadelphia in the watch and jewelry business. After one year employment in Cincinnati he returned to Buffalo to establish his own business. That was 26 years ago. His business has grown into one of the best known in the city.

He is respected as a businessman for his keen sense and his willingness to oblige.

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Mr. Dorn is a valued and popular member of society. He has a wide circle of friends. He is a member of the Order of Elks, the Eagles, the Moose Lodge, the Amicus Club, and other associations. It goes without saying that Mr. Dorn regularly takes part in German activities. He's a long time member of the Orpheus, the Sängerbund, the Teutonia Liederkranz, and the Buffalo Gymnastics Club. Whenever he's been able to, he's worked for the betterment of the German community. He lives an ideal existence with his wife and 2 lovely daughters in a cozy home located at 115 Oxford Street.

Charles Ulrich

There are few German-Americans in our city who are as well known as Mr. Charles Ulrich. He's not only valued as a successful businessman. He's valued for his jovial, lively personality by all who know him. He's enormously popular. He is the head of a large woolen goods business called Chas. Ulrich & Co. located at 504-506 Washington Street. He's become a proper American businessman and like so many of our best entrepreneuers, he's a self-made man.

Mr. Ulrich was born on March 11, 1866 in Buffalo. He was the son of Michael and Margarethe Ulrich. After attending the public schools and St. Peter's School, where his parents placed much emphasis on a good German education, he became a courier in the service of the attorney Wm. L. Jones. He was employed there for 2 years.He took a six-month course at Bryant & Stratton Business College then entered the firm of Dahlmann, Spiegel & Weil where he was employed until 1888. He was a travelling saleman and business manager there for 14 years.

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In 1902 he established his own business. His diligence and hard work enabled him to achieve a high standing. Today his business is one of the most prominent in its field.

Mr. Ulrich belongs to St. Peter's Evangelical Church. He is a prominent member of the Order of Free Masons, the Odd Fellows, and the Elks. Further he is a member and the ex-president of the Buffalo Sängerbund, a member of the Old German Society, the Buffalo Scat Club, and various other organizations. Since January 3, 1894 he has been married to Miss Katharina Villep of Buffalo. He and his wife live in a cozy little home at 241 E. North Street.

William H. Sievers

William H. Sievers was born on November 14, 1867 in Kiel, Holstein. His parents took him to Holland. Young Wilhelm attended the schools in his village and after graduating he studied artistic gardening. In 1892 he came to Buffalo and found employment as a private gardener.

He worked in this capacity until 1901, in which year he established his own business. Over the course of the years his flower business has become one of the largest of its kind here in Buffalo.

Mr. Sievers is a member of St. Peter's Church, the Orpheus, and the Sängerbund. Since 1898 he has been married to Charlotte Smith of Sherkston, Canada. Two beautiful children have come from the union - Dorothea and Friedrich W.
Mr. Sievers is a very popular man in all circles in which he travels. He's always a welcome guest.

Friedrich Erion

Respected in this city as a fine businessman, Mr. Friedrich Erion was born in the kingdom of Württemberg near Aldingen in the Spaichingen District.

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He was the son of a farmer. After graduating from the local school he worked as a farmer until he was 20. In 1870 he came to America. As he had promised his father, he worked as a farmer on a farm near Battle Creek, Michigan. Then he came to Buffalo, where his older brother had settled. Here Mr. Erion first found employment in a planing mill. Later he became a clerk in a grocery store. In 1877 he became self-supporting. Through his unique ability, hard work, and frugality he managed to secure the means to establish a drygoods business in a building at 509 William Street. One may say without reservation that Mr. F. Erion had the necessary business sense and the tact to deal with customers. In 1903 he relocated the business to 1025 Broadway near Fillmore Avenue. He has an extremely large number of customers.

On September 13, 1909 his wife, nee Martha Schlänker, died. She was the daughter of one of Buffalo's German pioneer families. The marriage was a happy one. Six adult children comfort their father since the early passing of their beloved mother: Edward P., Fred J., Arthur W., Walter C., Lydia, and Ella.

Mr. F. Erion is a man fully educated in the school of life. Through his many trips to the old and the new fatherland he has assembled a wealth of knowledge, which makes him a welcome addition at social functions.

Charles Gruber

Mr. Charles Gruber was born on February 3, 1865 in Alzen, Hessen-Darmstadt. He came to Buffalo in 1881. He has run his own business as a building contractor since 1891. He is a member of several organizations and lodges such as the Harmonia Lodge, F.& A.M., the Odd Fellows, the Knights of Pythias, the Sängerbund, the Harugari Frohsinn, and the Buffalo Elks.

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