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Biographies for Frederick L. Hartmayer, August Feine, Anthony Winter, Heinrich Sauerwein, and John Roehrer

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Mr. Frederick L. Hartmayer, a well known businessman as well as a prominent and popular member of the Orpheus, was born on March 24, 1866 in Buffalo. He was the son of respected German pioneer Mr. Johann Lukas Hartmayer and his wife, Anna Maria. He attended the public schools. Afterwards he went into the paper and twine dealers trade. For a long time he was self-employed. Many years ago he joined the well known firm of Howard H. Baker & Co., a commodities shipping concern. His diligence, energy, and hard work helped him to advance quickly to become one of the principle representatives of this renowned firm.

Mr. Hartmayer received a proper German education. He is fluent in the German language and he regularly takes part in German activities. He became an active member of the Buffalo Orpheus 23 years ago. He's played a prominent role in this great singing society, one of the most famous in the land. For 15 years he has been a member of the Orpheus' administrative committee. During this time he has been a member of other prominent committees for this society. Additionally Mr. Hartmayer is a member of the German Young Men's Association, the Schiller Memorial Society, the National Geographic Society, the United Commercial Travelers, the Erie County S.P.C.A., and the Buffalo Ramblers Club, for which he was president for 3 years. He is a distinguished Free Mason, and a member of the Harmonia Lodge No. 699. He was Chairman of the State Lodge Assembly for 2 years. He's a member of the Past Masters Association, F. & A.M., and a member of the Omega Lodge No. 259, J.O.O.F.

Mr. Hartmayer is a member of St. Paul's German Evangelical Church. In 1898 he married Miss Anna E. Keating. The happy marriage has produced 3 children: Herbert, 12; Frederick Jr., 10; and Raymund, 8. Mr. Hartmayer is a popular man and distinguished social figure. He has a large circle of friends.

August Feine

Mr. August Feine has an outstanding reputation in Buffalo's large iron industry. He can be proud of this accomplishment since it was earned through untiring effort and patience. He is a self-made man in the finest sense of the word.

Mr. August Feine was born on June 9, 1851 in Kölleda, Thuringia. He was the son of honest townfolk. After leaving school he apprenticed in the honorable trade of locksmithing. When he completed his apprenticeship and studies of the trade he commenced his journeymanship. He worked for a while in Berlin, in various cities in Pommerania, and in Frankfurt on the Mainz. He was employed by masters in the trade for 7 years. His parents emigrated to the United States in 1879 and settled in Buffalo. Two years later on April 6, 1881 he sailed on the steamship Hapsburg from Bremen to the New World. He arrived in Buffalo on April 22nd.

Here he found employment at Howard's Iron Works, then at the John T. Noye Mill Works. Later he went on to the Niagara Stamping & Tool Works Co. He then worked at the Franks Machine Works. In 1890 he became self-employed, establishing a workshop at the corner of Oak and Genesee Streets.

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His diligence, his hard work, his acute business sense, and his dedication to his trade were manifest from the beginning and led to his success. By 1892 he had to seek a larger facility. He established a shop on Lock Street near Terrace where it was his intention to introduce modern machine methods for the production of ornamental and structural iron works. With time there wasn't enough space so in 1900 Feine acquired a large building at 740 - 756 Terrace at the corner of Erie Street. Approximately 70 men are employed at this huge facility. These are men who know their business. The products of this facility go all over New York State and the rest of the country. Mr. Feine has manufactured beautiful pieces for the Iroquois Hotel, the Hotel Lafayette, and the Hotel Statler. He's produced the elevator shafts for City Hall and other places. It is Mr. Feine's intention, together with that of his 4 truly supportive sons, to expand and build a large subsidiary in South Buffalo in order to produce iron construction materials in mass quantities.

Mr. Feine married Miss Barbara Weber on August 28, 1876. The happy marriage has produced 6 children: August C., George R., Charles F., Ernst B., Mrs. Anna Jung, and Mrs. Katherine Bernhard. Charles F. Feine is currently studying at Renselar [sic] Polytechnical Institute in Troy, N.Y. The 3 other sons are employed in their father's business.

Mr. Feine has remained a true German. Through word and deed he has taken part in German activities. He is a prominent member of the Orpheus, the Sängerbund, the Teutonia Liederkranz, the Concordia Lodge Order of the Free Masons, the Chamber of Commerce, the John T. Noye Benevolent Association, the Builder's Exchange, the Liberty League, and several other associations.

Mr. Feine made a trip back to the old fatherland in 1901 and visited his sister in Berlin. In 1905 he took an extended tour of Europe with his wife. The couple visited Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bavaria, and Saxony. They travelled to Berlin, Frankfurt on the Mainz, Rockhausen in the Rhine Palatinate (homeland of Mrs. Feine), Cologne, Aachen, Brussels, Paris, and Strassburg. They spent a little while in Switzerland and sailed back to the United States from Genoa. They brought back an incredible treasure chest of beautiful memories.

Anthony Winter

Master tailor Anthony Winter is a welcome guest in German-American circles. He's a popular social figure and a fine businessman. He was born on January 26, 1856 in Heidersheim near Freiburg in Baden.

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He was the son of master carpenter Karl Winter and his wife Katharina W. After attending the local school he apprenticed in the tailoring trade. At the age of 17 he decided to emigrate to America, a fertile field in which to ply this trade. He worked for 9 years with most of the best tailors in the city. He then established his own business, which flourished due to his ability and business sense. Today his establishment is among the best known and highly respected in the city.

Mr. Winter is an esteemed member of the Orpheus, St. Michael's Church, the Knights of Columbus, the Y.M.C.A., the Merchant Tailors Exchange and the Catholic Institute.

Heinrich Sauerwein

Mr. Heinrich Sauerwein is widely respected by the undertakers of Buffalo. Although his parents and grandparents have already gone to their graves here in Buffalo, he is still a friend of German language and customs. He is very popular in German social circles. He was born on May 9, 1863 in this city. His father was Philipp Sauerwein, a plumber who was born in Kleestadt in Hessen-Darmstadt. His mother, Wilhelmine Sauerwein, was born in Willsback in Württemberg. He attended the public schools and the business college in our city. He then became an undertaker. His business aptitude and salemanship coupled with his urbanity have made him successful. Currently he is considered to be one of the best in his field.

Mr. Sauerwein is a member of the Buffalo Odd Fellows Lodge No. 37. He is Past District Deputy of Erie Lodge No. 1, J.O.O.F. He's a member of Masonic Lodge No. 161. Since 1898 he has been married to Miss Minnie Vogel of Rochester. He is the father of 4 children - Alberta, Heinrich Johannes, Karl Philipp, and Wilmar. Mr. Sauerwein's home and business are located at 934 Niagara Street.

John Roehrer

Mr. John Roehrer, the well known real estate dealer, first saw the light of the world on October 27, 1855 in Buffalo. He was the son of Johann Georg Roehrer and his wife Margarethe, nee Herbst. His father, who operated a brewery in Buffalo, emigrated to America from Mittelfranken, Bavaria in 1852. Thus his son received a proper German education. He attended the public school, and later the German Evangelical Lutheran parish school. He took courses at Bryant & Stratton Business College. His first job was in his father's brewery.

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When he married Miss Louise Bechmann in 1880 he took over an inn and restaurant. He successfully ran this business for 8 years. With the sharp sense of a born businessman he perceived the rapid growth of the city and the staggering rise in property values. In 1884 with other gentlemen he bought a large plot of land on the East Side of the city and organized the Broadway Belt Line Land Co. He gave up the hotel business and became a real estate dealer. He organized the Best Street Land Co. and later the Glenwood Land Co.. He oversaw the building of the first houses on East Utica Street, Glenwood Avenue, and the cross streets. One of these crossing streets was named for him. In 1889 he partnered himself with Mr. Albert Ziegele, Jr., the well known brewery owner. The firm was called Roehrer & Co.. The name would remain unchanged after the death of Mr. Ziegele. Mr. Roehrer has been successful not only because of his ability and keen business sense but chiefly because he is fair and honest. He's never cheated anyone. Many craftsmen and laborers have him to thank for the houses they own today.

Mr. Roehrer is a member of the Modestia Lodge No. 343, Order of the Free Masons and the Zuleika Grotto No. 10. He has for many years been a prominent member of the Buffalo Sängerbund. For a few years he was treasurer of this association. He is a member of the German Young Men's Association and other clubs. He is also a member of the Building and Audit Committee of the Deaconess Hospital and Home.

Mr. Roehrer, who has a wide circle of friends and enjoys the respect of all, lives with his wife, whom he married in 1890, in a cozy home at 454 East Utica Street. The happy marriage has produced one daughter - Mrs. Grace Roehrer-Pankow.

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