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Biographies for August Wolf, Ewald Dieckmann, Otto P. Hager, Georg Schwabl, John Salzmann, John Winzig, and Henry Dauterman & Sons

August Wolf

Mr. August Wolf, President of Wolf Billiard & Canvas Co., is also counted among the most respected German citizens and businessmen in the city. The business is located at 15 W. Swan Street, Chapin Block. He was born on February 17, 1859 in Weidenberg near Bayreuth in Bavaria. He was the son of master cabinetmaker Salomon Wolf and his wife Barbara, nee Heckel. He attended the local school and apprenticed with his father in the cabinetmaking trade. When he became a journeyman he worked in Heilbronn in Württemberg, Offenbach in Hessen, and other cities in southern Germany.

In 1881 Mr. Wolf emigrated to the United States and landed in New Haven, Connecticutt, where he was employed for a long period in an organ factory. Then he travelled, visiting just about every larger city in the midwest including St. Louis.

He came to Buffalo 20 years ago and established his own business in the house at 174 Swan Street. The business grew and he needed more room so he relocated to 186 Broadway and then later he moved to the Chapin Block. The Wolf Billiard & Canvas Co. fabricates all the items needed for billiard and pool tables and it is one of the largest and most prominent in the country. Mr. Wolf, who is an amicable and unassuming man, is esteemed by all who know him. Since settling in Buffalo he has taken many extended trips to and stayed in Goldland, California. He is a member of the Buffalo Orpheus and other German associations. He has remained a good German.
In 1894 he married Ella B. Bradford, from whom he was bereft several months ago after 18 years of happy marriage.

Ewald Dieckmann

Ewald Dieckmann was born on March 14, 1870 in Altona. He was the son of Adolph and Dorothea Dieckmann. After Ewald graduated from the local school in his father city he apprenticed in the honorable tailoring trade in Copenhagen, where he was employed for 7 years and he build up his knowledge of the field. He also attended the Cutting Academy and passed his exams with distinction.

In 1890 Mr. Dieckman came to America, worked for a short time in New York, then moved in the same year to our city, where he has been employed in his trade ever since. He worked for 5 years for Mr. F. Holz and in 1897 he established his own business. To this day it is located in the building at 445 Genesee Street.

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Mr. Dieckmann is a member of the Orpheus Singing Society, the Redmen, the Harugari, and the Columbia Gymnastics Association.

In 1898 Mr. Dieckmann married Magdalena Kirdorf of Buffalo. Two sons, Ewald and Adolph, have come from the union.

Otto P. Hager

Mr. Otto Philip Hager is at the top of the list of musicians of the city whose specialty as a piano teacher is known well beyond the city limits. He first saw the light of the world on May 17, 1873. He was the son of German grocer Bernhard Hager and his wife Margaret, nee Bickel. He attended the public schools and then became an erand boy for the business of Barnes Bancroft Co. It was his greatest wish to study music. Even as a small boy he had displayed an extraordinary musical talent. Since his father was sick for a long time he could not afford to study music. Otto had to find employment to support himself. However true talent always finds its way and such was the case here. In his spare time, when most boys his age were playing, he eagerly studied noble music and made rapid progress. First he took piano instruction with Miss Bianca Fleischmann, then with Miss Sophie Fernow, a pupil of Hans von Bülow. He studied harmony under the capable direction of Mr. Wm. Waith. Within a few years he could give up his position in the warehouse and earn more as a pianist and piano teacher.

Today Mr. Hager is considered among the most sought-after piano teachers in the city and the surrounding area.

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He has students from the Tonawandas, Niagara Falls, Ellicottville, Warsaw, and other villages. He strives to educated his students to become capable pianists and to lead them to an understanding of true music. In these pursuits he has had much success. Mr. Hager, who lives at 692 Northampton Street, is a prominent Free Masons of the De Molan Lodge. He is a member of the Zuleika Grotto and the Scottish Rite Buffalo Consistory of the Ismailia Temple.

Georg J. Schwabl

Who doesn't know the Broadway Hall at 353 Broadway? Many German businesses have their headquarters there, where the German language, German song, and the German good life prevail. The owner of this popular locale on the East Side is Mr. Georg J. Schwabl, a lovable and excellent host. He first saw the light of the world in this city on August 17,1861. After graduating from St. Mary's School he went into his father's business and over the course of time he educated himself to become a fine innkeeper.

Mr. Georg J. Schwabl is a member of St. Mary's Church and takes great interest in all German activities. He is a member of the Buffalo Orpheus, the Bavarian National Assembly, the Bavarian Hunters, the Helvetia, the Men's Choir of Bavaria, and the C.M.B.A. as well as other associations. He has the greatest respect of the German community of this city because of his excellent personality.

John Salzmann

Mr. John Salzmann, owner and manager of the renown tailoring business, was born on May 1, 1870 in Buffalo.

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He attended the public school and apprenticed in the honorable tailoring trade. After working with several master tailors and learning the basics of modern cutting techniques he established his own business 6 years ago at 310 East Utica Street. His ability and his honest service to his customers brought him success from the start. After 2 years he bought a piece of land at 1336 Jefferson Street and built a modern store and workshop there. His success continued and today a large portion of the most prominent citizens of the city are among his customers.

Mr. Salzmann is a member of Bethania Evangelical Church and for years he has been on the board of directors. Furthermore he is a member of the Harmonia Lodge No. 699 of the Order of Free Masons. He is one of the founders and members of the Alpha Lodge No. 641 of the Order of the Odd Fellows. He is a member of the Sängerbund and other associations.

In 1891 Mr. Salzmann married Miss Anna Hahn. He lives with her and their young daughter, Harriet who is 19 years of age, in a pleasant home at 26 Portage Street. Two children were separated from the couple by death. He is respected as a citizen and a businessman and he has a large circle of friends.

John Winzig

Johann Winzig was born on June 9, 1863 in Prachatiz, Bohemia. He was the son of Mr. Wenzel Winzig and his wife Maria. After leaving school he apprenticed in the cooper's trade. In 1883 he came to Buffalo and took any opportunity to work he could find while taking private instruction in sketching. In 1891 he established a photography studio. His artistic tendencies and his education have made the business prosper. Today his studio is considered among the best and most elegant in interpretation and execution. It's no wonder that Mr. Johann Winzig's clientele has grown larger. His name is one of the best known and respected in the field of photography in Buffalo.

His place of business is at 501 Genesee Street. Mr. Winzig has an active interest in German association life. He is a member of the Teutonia Men's Choir, the Harugari Frohsinn, and he belongs to the Orioles.

In 1891 he married Miss Paulina A. Jung of Buffalo. Three boys have come from the marriage: Raphael E., Victor Georg, and Albert.

Henry Dauterman & Sons

When a traveller asks a resident of Buffalo "where can one find a really good drop of fermented grape juice?" the answer in 9 out of 10 cases is "Go to Dauterman's."

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The man who established this firm, Henry Dauterman, was born on June 6, 1852 in Gau-Weinheim, Hessen-Darmstadt. He was the son of a respected farmer. After leaving school, he embraced farming as a career. He fulfilled his military obligation in Worms from 1872 to 1875. In 1882 he came to America and settled immediately in Buffalo. After working for 3 years in Rose's Brewery and in the Iroquois Brewery he opened a tavern at 357 Broadway called the Atlantic Hall. Under his management the establishment became one of the most popular German locales in the city. For 22 years he managed this tavern and then went into the wine trade. He had a wine cellar at 1226 Fillmore Avenue. It was the largest in the city and it stocked the finest domestic and imported wines. The wine business is joined with a tavern in which guests can get a glass of true, unadulterated wine at a modest price.

In January of this year Mr. Dauterman turned the business over to his 2 sons, John, 29 and Albert, 22 years of age. These capable young men have been employed in their father's business for years and are now, in his opinion, ready to manage it. Both are fluent in the German language and value the German way of life. They unite German oratory, business sense, and desire for the good life with American energy and the American spirit of enterprise.

Mr. Henry Dauterman is a member of Bethlehem Evangelical Church. He belongs to the Order of Free Masons, the Odd Fellows, and the Owls. Furthermore he is a member of the Orpheus, the General German Support Association, and several other associations. On June 8, 1880 he married Miss Catherine Krämer. Besides the 2 sons already mentioned the union has produced 2 daughters: Mrs. Mary Peking and Mrs. Elisabeth Wahl.

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