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Biographies for Jacob Rosche, Friedrich Bohneberg, P.J. Kieffer, Daniel Weiss, Joseph Schäfers, Frank X. Schwab, and Frank L. Schlager

Jacob Rosche

Jacob Rosche was born on December 12, 1844 in Rehweiler in the beautiful Rhine Palatinate. He was the son of Peter and Elisabeth Rosche. His parents were farmers. He attended the local school and after leaving it he apprenticed in the cabinetmaker's trade. He fulfilled his military duty with the 5th Bavarian Infantry Regiment in Landau. In October 1869 he came to America and came directly to Buffalo. He worked for 6 years in Olins Planing Mill. Later he was employed in other businesses, sometimes as a foreman. For over 14 years he has been employed in the fire insurance and real estate business. He's built up a substantial number of connections.

Mr. Rosche is a member of St. Matthew's Church and the Baldur Lodge D.O.H. He is a member of the Church Association and the Harugari Frohsinn. He can take pride in being one of the cofounders of all these groups. He also assumed a place of honor in all these associations. For 26 years he was secretary of St. Matthew's Church and for the last 4 years he was president. For 4 years he was president of the Harugari Frohsinn. He's always had one office or another for the Harugaria Lodge. He took part in 7 different song festivals with the Frohsinn.

On May 1, 1870 he married Charlotte Wolf, who died on November 2, 1907. On May 19, 1910 he married Charlotte Ehrle. From the first marriage there are 7 children. Unfortunately one son, August C., age 29, and one daughter, Lottie, 8 year of age, died. Those children still living are: Henry J., Elisabeth Kopf, Clara Burnes, Hermann and Gertrude.

In 1906 Mr. Rosche visited the districts of his childhood and stayed for 4 months in the old homeland. He lives with his family in a beautiful home at 41 Krettner Street, where his business office is also located.

Friedrich Bohneberg

Mr. Friedrich Bohneberg, one of the best known and most respected owners of an undertaking establishment in Buffalo, was born on February 18, 1868 here in Buffalo. He was the son of dairy owner Martin Bohneberg and his wife Dorothea.

His father came from Magdeburg in the province of Saxony. He came to America in 1844 and he died on December 6, 1907. Young Friedrich attended the public school and the Business College. He assumed the important career of undertaker. His ability and charm have made a name for him. Since he was born in Buffalo he has remained a respectful observer of German manners and customs.

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He speaks the German language and participates in German social life. He is a valued member of the Orpheus, the Sängerbund, the Teutonia, and a number of other lodges such as the Odd Fellows, the Heptasophen, the Redmen, the Modestia Free Masons Lodge, the Royal Arcanum, etc. Furthermore he is a member of the influential Genesee Street Business Mens Association and St. Peter's Parish.

Since 1883 he has been married to Miss Maria Müller. The happy union has produced 3 children who are still living: Theodor, who works by his father's side in the business, Sarah and Lillie. Two other children have died.

Wherever Mr. Bohneberg appears, be it as a businessman, as a citizen, or as a participant at a social event, he leaves behind the impression of a goal-conscious man of strong character and high interest in the affairs of men. He may be cited as an example of the German-Americans born here who have a love for the people of their forefathers and unite it with true dependence on the great North American Republic.

P.J. Kieffer

Mr. P.J. Kieffer is the son of German parents, Philipp and Maria Kieffer, who emigrated here from Germany at a much earlier time, settled in East Eden in Erie County, and established a farm. P.J. Kieffer was born on August 15, 1861. He attended the public and the church schools and later became a merchant. In 1877 he came to Buffalo and worked for 9 years at Lamis Grocery. He then became a bookkeeper for Beck's Brewery for 21 years. In October 1907 he established his own business, the Buffalo Brewers Supply Company at 446 Genesee Street. He carried items used by brewers and malters. His business sense and honesty in dealing with his customers have promoted his business to a primary standing.

Mr. Kieffer is a member of St. Mary's Church and the C.M.B.A.. On June 1, 1886 he married. From the happy union there are 6 children, of whom unfortunately 4 died. The names of the children still living are Edward, 21, and Isabella, 14 years of age.

Although he was born here Mr. Kieffer has great interest in all German activities. He enjoys the greatest respect among business circles.

Daniel Weiss

When we go through the list of our German citizens who have gained a place of respect and comfort in our city due to their own hard work and ambition, we must not forget Daniel Weiss, the owner of the best known tavern at 93 East Utica Street at the corner of Michigan. At the age of 21 he came to America on his own. At first he was a simple worker in the Buffalo Parks. As he likes to tell it - started with a wheelbarrow and worked my way up. Today he has a beautiful, spacious house and a thriving business of his own, which is right in the heart of the social hub of the better part of the city.

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He has an excellent reputation throughout Buffalo. He is a model innkeeper, providing pleasant rooms for families,maintaining those rooms in absolutely clean condition, delivering friendly service, and offering the finest drink. Mr. Weiss' cellar stocks the richest and most affordable choice of fine wines and spirits. The German-American brew which Mr. Weiss sets before his guests is excellently stored and tastes wonderful. It is his greatest desire and his greatest pride to keep the customers of his tavern happy and keep them coming back. Mr. Weiss' good heartedness is well known throughout the city. He's always been willing to help and many out-of-work and broke countrymen have found him to be a selfless friend and assistant. Many have him to thank for dispelling their gloom and putting them in the position to start a new life for themselves.

Daniel Weiss was born on November 4, 1851 in Ostrowo in the province of Posen. He was the son of farmer Christian Weiss and his wife Elisabeth. Both parents died young. Daniel Weiss later went to Rüdersdorf near Berlin, became a farm hand, and emigrated to America in 1872. He arrived in Buffalo on November 9th and settled here. At first he was employed as a parks worker and then he was in service for 17 years at the Lake Shore Railroad. For more than 22 years he has had a tavern at the corner of East Utica and Michigan Street.
Mr. Weiss is a member of the Concordia Lodge No. 143, F. & A.M., the Odd Fellows East Buffalo Lodge No. 355, the Christopher Columbus Lodge No. 325, the Knights of Pythias, the Uncle Sams, and the Buffalo Sängerbund. In 1876 he married Miss Christine Meloth, who was born in Dolgesheim on the Rhine and came with her parents to America in 1849. The happy union has produced 5 children: Louisa (now Mrs. Servas), Katharine, Emma, Marie, and Wilhelm, 20 years of age. Mr. Weiss is a happy grandfather. His daughter, Mrs. Louise Servas, has 3 children. The family lives in the same house as the tavern and it is a practical, well managed, and comfortable home.

Mr. Daniel Weiss is a popular member of society, who gladly talks about his life and knows how to entertain his friends. In 1904 he took a 4 month excursion to the old homeland and visited Germany and Switzerland. He spent some time in the district of his birth, as well as Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, and the Rhine. The new Germany left a generally favorable impression upon him. Although he is a model American citizen who speaks good English, his heart still pines for the old fatherland as exemplified by his preference for the German language whenever he is with German-Americans.

To this day he is an actively working man, the best type of immigrant German, who brings honor to his German heritage.

Joseph Schäfers

Mr. Joseph Schäfers, a representative for one of the best known firms in the country - Paul Jones & Co., is a son of the red earth. He was born on October 28, 1863 in Sendenhorst in the environs of Beckum in the governmental district of Münster in Westphalia. He was also educated here. He attended the business high school in Münster and served as a one-year volunteer in the 1st Westphalia Infantry Regiment No. 13 in Münster.

In 1898 Mr. Schäfers emigrated to America, where he had a liquor business in Illinois until 1904. He went to Pittsburgh, Pa. and worked in the same line of business. Then on November 1, 1910 he became an agent for the world renown firm of Paul Jones & Co. He was sent to Buffalo in order to increase the number of customers to the company. He's been a citizen of Buffalo for over 2 years now and it's quite understandable that he's increased the clientele base in the city and the surrounding area for his firm. He is a true German man. Anyone who comes in contact with him finds him to be a true German, a lovable and unassuming human being, and an honest businessman, whose hard work will undoubtedly be crowned with success in the future.

Mr. Schäfers has 3 sons. His oldest, Otto, is a Benedictine priest at the monastery in St. Meinrad, Indiana. His second son, Ludwig, attends the engineering college in St. Louis, and his third son, William, is a merchant. Mr. Schäfers has acquired a large circle of friends in the relatively short time he has been here. He's a welcome guest and member of society.

As of late Mr. Schäfers has been representing the Russell Distilling Co. of Newark, New Jersey.

Frank X. Schwab

Mr. Frank X. Schwab is one of the best known young, goal minded up-and-coming businessmen in the city, especially among German-Americans. He was born here in Buffalo as the son of Mr. Frank Xaver Schwab and his wife Anna, nee Tischler. He received a good education at St. Ann's Catholic School, where it must also be kept in mind that he learned the German language, the language of his parents. Originally he apprenticed in the furniture makers trade but he later took a position at the German Brewery, where the ambitous young man advanced quickly. Next he was hired by the International Brewery, then the Iroquois Brewery, by which he was considered a very capable agent.

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At the same time in 1909 he started a wine and liquor dealership, which relocated to larger quarters in the following years. His success was such that by the beginning of this year the business had to be expanded. The business is located at 555 - 557 - 569 Broadway at the corner of Jefferson Street, where it is adjoined to a tavern.

As a Catholic whose religion is a part of his pious parent's legacy, he is a member of St. Ann's Church, under whose shadow he grew up and was confirmed, and in which he now holds a position of respect. He is a member of the Knights of St. John, in whose order he is the youngest major in the state. Furthermore he is a member of the Elks, the Redmen, the Teutonia Liederkranz, the Labor Temple Men's Choir, and many other Austrian organizations. He also belongs to the Human Band, the famous quartet. Since September 1901 he has lived with Miss Theresia Laufer in the holy bonds of matrimony. Six children have come from the union. Although he is a German-American, Mr. Schwab could serve as a model to many Germans, demonstrating what the love of Germanhood is all about.

Frank L. Schlager

Without a doubt Mr. Frank L. Schlager holds a prominent position among the undertakers of Buffalo. The firm was founded by his father, who enjoyed the respect of all in this city. After his death the business was inherited by his son.

Frank L. Schlager was born on November 19, 1876 in Buffalo and received a fine education. He attended St. Ann's School and the famous Canisius College. After graduating from Canisius he went into his father's business and from his earliest youth had the opportunity to learn it from the ground up.
*It is noteworthy that the father of Mr. Frank L. Schlager was also born in this city. His grandfather came from Alsatia and was one of the oldest settlers of Buffalo. The German language is still highly esteemed by the family. As a good Catholic Mr. Frank L. Schlager belongs to St. Ann's Church and he is a member of many groups and charitable organizations.In 1901 he married Miss Carolina Schuler of Buffalo. One son, L. Norman, has come from the happy union. Mr. Schlager's place of business is in the building at 710 Broadway.

*German text for this part of translation can be found on page 251 at Webpage 35

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