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Biographies for Chas. A. Klocke, Frank L. Bapst, Edward L. Jung, George Rehbaum, Leopold Jokl, and Ludwig Dreyer

Chas. A. Klocke

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There's a new part of the city in the making, which is located between William Street and Broadway, between cow pastures and the city limits. Beautiful, wide streets and pleasant houses can be found there. The entire area has a rural splendor. Fresh air and light, so lacking in the interior of the city, are available in abundant supply here. This district of Buffalo bespeaks of fine idyllic settings and peaceful refuges removed from the cares of the world. It's like a village away from the city. The chief business street of this district is Lovejoy Street, or better put, that portion of Lovejoy between Bailey Avenue and the city limits. Lovejoy is divided into 2 sections by cow pastures, which bear no relation to one another. The most significant businessman of this extended section of Lovejoy is Mr. Chas. A. Klocke. As one might expect from the name, he is of German extraction. Although he was born in Buffalo and he has the heart and soul of an American Patriot, he is proud of his heritage, proud of his descendance from the people who produce poets and thinkers, and he has a burning passion for German-American activities.

He displays this passion though his involvement with a German church, with German associations and lodges. Mr. Klocke is respected and loved by all, especially in the portion of the city where he is a leading businessman. Among other things it was a true victory when his wife won the European Excursion Contest run by the Express. Buffalo's German element can rightfully feel honored to have such a man as Mr. Klocke in its midst.

Chas. A. Klocke was born on February 9, 1866 in Buffalo. His parents both came from the old fatherland. His father, Henry C. Klocke, came to Buffalo at the age of 24 in 1848 from Germany. For 38 years he was a checker for the Western Transportation Company. His mother, born Caroline Muhlenkampf, was 2 years of age when she came with her parents to the United States and Buffalo. Young Charles attended the public schools and the Buffalo Commercial and Electro-Mechanical Institute, where he majored in German and business subjects. He became a merchant and worked as a clerk for F.R. Lichtenberger. Later he became a business partner and the firm name was changed to Lichtenberger & Klocke. Twenty-two years have passed since Mr. Klocke opened up his own business. His labors have brought success. Mr. Klocke has built an expansive and prosperous business, which has a growing and loyal clientele. Mr. Klocke's highest priorities are reliability and friendly service. His business is located at 1160 - 64 Lovejoy Street. The business is composed of a grocery store, a butchershop, and a coal dealership. Besides this Mr. Klocke has a prosperous real estate business and he is a Notary Public. He enjoys the highest respect of the Buffalo business community. He is one of the directors of the Union Stock Yards Bank of Buffalo at the corner of Broadway and Fillmore Avenue. He is also part owner of the undertaking firm of Hoerber & Klocke Co. of 607 William Street, for which he is secretary. For 7 years he belonged to the 65th Regiment of the State Militia.

On December 9, 1891 Mr. Klocke married Miss Mary Hauss of Buffalo. The happy union has produced 3 children: Frederick W., 19 years old, law student; Harriet C., high school student at Central High School, and Le Roy, 9 years of age. The well-kept, beautiful family residence is located at 200 Gold Street.

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Such a busy man with so many business interests as Mr. Klocke naturally doesn't have much time for a social life. However he is a member of the Orpheus, the Friedrichs Lodge No. 594, D.O.H., the Free Mason Concordia Lodge No. 143, the Mount Sinai Chapter No. 293, the Royal Arch Masons, the Lake Erie Commandery No. 20, the Knights of the Templar, the Ismalia Temple, A.A.O.M.S. of Buffalo, N.Y. Furthermore he is a member of Trinity Evangelical Church and a trustee of that congregation as well as president of the St. Trinitatis Society.

The marks of Mr. Klocke's character are his circumspection, high energy, and ability for hard work, qualities passed down to him from his German forefathers. Mr. Klocke speaks fluent German and demonstrates in word and deed his commitment to the German community. His children have also learned German. Whoever holds his heritage in such high honor must certainly be a man who deserves the highest recognition.

Frank L. Bapst

The Buffalo Dredging Company and the German Rock Asphalt & Cement Company undoubtedly stand at the top of the list of large industrial undertakings here in Buffalo. And the guiding force of these 2 large businesses is Mr. Frank Louis Bapst, president of the Buffalo Dredging Co. and operations manager of the German Rock Asphalt Co. He was born on May 20, 1855 here in Buffalo as the son of Mr. Louis Bapst, a well known German pioneer. After attending the Catholic parish school and St. Joseph's College he went to the Polytechnical Institute in Troy and studied engineering. His enormous talent and ability are to credit for his rapid advancement in business.

Since 1898 he has been president of the Buffalo Dredging Co. Under his leadership this business, along with that of the German Rock Asphalt Co. which he has also managed for 14 years, have won many multi-million dollar contracts.

Mr. Bapst belongs to the Order of Free Masons and Elks. Furthermore he is a member of the Buffalo Club, the Country Club, the Saturn Club, the Chamber of Commerce & Manufacturers Club, and other clubs. He is also a member of the Buffalo Orpheus and he has not forgotten the German language or the German way of life.

Edward L. Jung

Mr. Edward L. Jung is at the top of the list of Buffalo attorneys known for his thorough knowledge and excellent character. Edward Leopold Jung was born on May 30, 1874 in Erie, Pa.. He came with his parents to Buffalo when he was 2 years of age. His father, Pastor Edward Jung, took over the guidance of St. Peter's Evanglical Church.

Pastor Jung was highly respected not only by the members of his congregation but by all who came in contact with him. He led the congregation until his death on August 10, 1894. Edward Leopold's grandparents emigrated from Germany in 1841. His grandfather, Karl Jung, was born on May 18, 1818 in St. Julien in the Rhine Palatinate. His grandmother, Katharina Jung, nee Klein, was born on August 12, 1817 in Hundheim in the Rhine Palatinate. His grandfather on his mother's side was Major Conrad Seeber of the 187 N.Y. Volunteer Regiment of the Potomac Army, who was decorated for exceptional bravery during the Civil War. He died in August 1889.

Edward Leopold Jung received a true German education. He attended the public schools, the high school and then went to study law at the University of Buffalo. At the same time he held a position as a clerk in the law offices of Robert F. Schelling. After passing his exams with distinction in 1896 he became first assistant to Mr. Schelling. Here he had the opportunity to significantly increase his knowledge of the field. In January 1897 he was admitted to the Bar and in a relatively short time he established a prospering practice. His reputation as a capable attorney caught the attention of Corporation Counsel attorney Chas. L. Feldmann. In 1902 Mr. Jung was appointed to the City Attorney's Office. He ably and conscientiously maintained this office for 4 years. Then he returned to his private practice. Mr. Jung is among the most sought-after attorneys in the city and he enjoys the respect and admiration of all. He is a prominent member of the Free Masons and the Lawyers Club, of which he was president in 1909. He belongs to the Acacia Club, the Y.M.C.A., and several other organizations. He was also a trustee of the Erie County Bar Association and second lieutenant of the 74th Regiment N.G.N.Y. until October 1900. In 1909 and 1911 he held the office of Commodore of the Buffalo Canoe Club, to which he has belonged since 1899.

On June 5, 1901 Mr. Jung married Miss Katharine Marie Riesberg. The happy union has produced 2 children: Katharine Louise, 8 years of age, and Karl Edward, 6 years old. Mr. Jung lives with his family in a beautiful home at 37 Norwood Avenue. His offices are located in the German Insurance Co. Building.

George Rehbaum

Mr. George Rehbaum is the founder of the One Dollar Hat Store, that is, he is the first businessman to start from the premise of offering a good product at a reasonable price and then specialize in the production and sale of hats for a dollar each.

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It was a good idea and Mr. Rehbaum has had much success with it. Many others are following his lead. He doesn't just own a large store at 515 Main Street in Buffalo but he has other stores in other cities such as in Cleveland at 322 Superior Ave. and 1768 East 9th St.; in Philadelphia at 131 N. 8th Street and in September of this year he'll have branches in Detroit, Toledo, and Utica, all selling head coverings for a dollar each. He also has more expensive hats at his stores including the Rehbaum Special for $1.50, the University for $2.00, and Panama hats at relatively modest prices.

George Rehbaum was born in Buffalo on September 2, 1860. He was the son of machinist Julius Rehbaum and his wife Auguste, nee Hoffmann. He attended the public schools and began his career in 1872 as a newsboy and courier at the Buffalo Demokrat. Since he was hard working and dedicated to duty he advanced quickly and later became bookkeeper then business manager of the newspaper. In 1893 he partnered with Chas. Kingsley and Frank Held in the Buffalo Enquirer, which was sold to William Conners in 1895. Mr. Rehbaum stayed on for another 2 years as a reporter for the Buffalo Enquirer and then in 1902 opened his first Dollar Hat Store.

Mr. George Rehbaum is a prominent member of the Order of Free Masons, the Royal Arcanum, the Elks, the Buffalo Orpheus, the Automobile Club, and other organizations. He regularly participates in German acivities. He is respected and loved as a capable businessman and as a citizen and member of society.
On November 5, 1885 he married Miss Emma Haag of Rochester. The harmonious union has been blessed with a son, Benjamin Rehbaum, the manager of the One Dollar Hat Store in Philadelphia. Mr. Rehbaum lives with his wife in a nice home at 139 Richmond Avenue.

Leopold Jokl

Mr. Leopold Jokl first saw the light of the world on March 15, 1859 in the idyllic town of Bisenz in Austria. He was the son of master butcher Jacob Jokl and his wife Anna. He attended the town school and learned his father's trade. Although he had success with it the ambitious and enterprising young man decided to broaden his possibilities. He emigrated to America in 1884. He came directly to Buffalo, where he found employment at the Dold Packing Co. He held a responsible position here for a year and then was employed in Kansas City. After returning to Buffalo he decided to change careers and he learned the clothes making trade.

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In 1893 he went to the Enterprise Manufacturing Co. at 224 - 228 Washington Street, a manufacturer of men's apparel. Due to his ability and dedication to duty he advanced to the position of city representative for the firm. To a great extent his energy led to his later success. At the beginning of 1912 the firm reorganized and Mr. Jokl became a partner.

Mr. Leopold Jokl is a welcome and respected member of the Buffalo Orpheus, the Buffalo Scat Club, the Buffalo Gymnastics Club, and several other organizations. Since he has lived in America he has visited the old homeland many times. He's also made many extended trips through the United States. On February 7, 1883 he married Miss Leopoldine Grätzer. The marriage has been blessed with 3 sons: Alexander, born Dezember 1883; Nikolaus, born in 1886, and Erwin, born in 1888. His wife died on March 17, 1912. He lives in a pleasant home at 121 Linwood Avenue.

Ludwig Dreyer

Mr. Ludwig Dreyer was born on November 18, 1858 in Glende, Schleswig-Holstein. He was the son of blacksmith Ludwig M.D. Dreyer and his wife Margarethe, nee Thäder. He attended the congregational school in his district and apprenticed in the finish carpentry trade. When he became a journeyman he went off to learn about the land and the people and to expand his knowledge of the trade. He fulfilled his military obligation in Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin with the 6th Company of the 90th Fusilier Regiment. After his discharge Mr. Dreyer worked as a carpenter, but decided in 1885 to emigrate to America.
*He landed in New York on May 18th. He came directly to Buffalo and since he was accomplished in his field he was able to find employment.

In 1902 Mr. Dreyer opened in tavern in a house at 2680 Main Street at the corner of Amherst. He operates it to this day. He had success from the beginning because of his truly pleasant German manner, his dedication to serving his clientele, and his not undesirable character. He is a respected and esteemed member of the Buffalo Sängerbund and the Steuben Lodge of the German Order of the Harugari, and other German assocations.

Mr. Ludwig Dreyer married Miss Dorothea Harders of Schönigsstedt on March 16, 1884. The happy union has been blessed with 4 children: Emma H., Charles H., Louis and Alma D. Dreyer. Mr.Charles Dreyer is studying law and Mr. Louis Dreyer has a lucrative position as a mechanical engineer with the New York Telephone Co. in Brooklyn.

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