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be located in the City of Buffalo, in Erie County, in New York State.

Third: The business and goal of this society shall be as follows, namely: to establish and build a literary and scientific institute, to lead and administer the same, said institute shall instruct young people in those studies and sciences as they are customarily taught in the college of this State, in order to give them a solid and complete classical, scientific, literary or commercial education, to prepare them through regulated studies and instruction for teaching, to teach theology as a science according to the doctrine and tenets of the Lutheran Church, as laid down in the unchanged Augsburg Confession of the year 1530; and thus to conduct theological instruction in order to educate ministers in said church. Said Augsburg Confession shall be taught as it is laid out and clarified in the Christian Book of Concord of 1580. For the good of the institution and the better leadership and administration of same, endowments, donations

and gifts of land and transferrable assets or money may be received and same may be invested, used and exchanged (or the income from them) at the discretion or best judgment of the society or as the donor may direct, for the acquisition of locations for the erection of a suitable building for the use of the institute, its scholars, students, professors, officers and agents, and to establish and maintain a library for the use of said institute.

Fourth. The number of trustees of the named society shall be seven. They shall elect a president from their own membership and shall elect a secretary, treasurer and other such officials as they deem appropriate; from time to time they shall enact supplementary laws which designate the respective duties of the officers, said bylaws shall demonstrate alignment with the acts of the Legislature and shall above all else guide and supervise said society in the business it conducts. No person shall be elected trustee or officer, or be eligible for election, except for those who are members and communicants of a Lutheran congregation, which stands in ecclesiastic

union with the Prussian Immigrant Lutheran Synod of Buffalo and stands under its synodal regime, which is currently under the presidency of the Pastor Johannes Andreas August Grabau and certain men of pure life and irreproachable character.

Fifth. The following named personnel shall compose the Board of Trustees for the first year and until such time as others are elected in their place, namely: Johannes Andreas August Grabau, Friedrich Buddemeier, Wilhelm Eschenfelder, Conrad Bär, Wilhelm Rudell, all of the City of Buffalo; Carl A. C. Gram of Martinville, Niagara County, N.Y., and Christian Walk also of Martinville.

Sixth. The corporate members of said society shall from time to time at their discretion, either yearly or some other regular interval hold a meeting to elect suitable persons to the corporation of said society. However no person shall be elected a member of the corporation if he is not a member and true communicant of a Lutheran congregation, in union under the church regime of the

Prussian Immigrant Lutheran Synod of Buffalo and a person of pure life and irreproachable character.

In witness thereof we have affixed our respective signatures and seal, on this the 15th of December in the Year of Our Lord 1868.

                  John Andrew Augustus Grabau, [L.S.]
                  Charles A. Stiemke,
                  Charles A. C. Gram,
                  Christian Walck,
                  William Boening,
                  Samuel Mailefert,
                  Michael Milius,
                  William Escherfelder,
                  Christian Sturm,
                  Fredrick Gram,
                  Gottlieb Bundrock,
                  Fredrick Buddemeyer,
                  John Fredrick Winkler,
                  Henry William Grabau,
                  Ferdinand Sydow,
                  Fredrick Schmelzer,
                  Henry Nitzchke,
                  G. Jurgen Tepe,
                  William Rudell,
                  Henry Drews,
                  Conrad Baer,


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State of New York,
Erie County,
City of Buffalo.

Today on 15th December, A.D. 1868 the undersigned appeared personally before me, namely: Joh. An. Aug. Grabau, Carl A. C. Gram, Christian Walck, Wilhelm Böhning, Samuel Maillefert, Michael Milius, Wilhelm Eschenfelder, Christian Sturm, Friedrich Gram, Gottlieb Bundrock, Friedrich Buddemeyer, Joh. Friedrich Winkler, Heinrich Wilhelm Grabau, Carl August Stiemke, Ferdinand Sydow, Heinrich Nitzschke, G. Jürgen Tepe, Wilhelm Rudell, Heinrich Drews and Conrad Bär, who are all personally known to me and are herein described, and have executed this instrument, each himself acknowledging the same.

                  Robert P. Wilson,
                  Public Notary in and for Erie County.

Let is be known that through each present I, George Barker, Judge of the Supreme Court of the State of New York for the 8th Judicial District, accepted and approved the foregoing certificate of incorporation of the

"German Martin Luther College of Buffalo" and the filing of same in the Office of the Secretary of the State of New York and in the Office of the Clerk for Erie County in said State.
Buffalo, 16th December 1868.
                  George Barker,
                  Judge of the Supreme Court.


State of New York.
Office of the Secretary of State.

It is hereby certified that the certificate of incorporation of the "German Martin Luther College of Buffalo" with acknowledgement of same, was received and filed in this office on the 26th day of December 1868.

In witness thereof I affix my name and the seal of the Office of the Secretary of State in the City of Albany, this the 26th of December, 1868.
                  D, Millers, Jr.
                  Secretary of State.

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