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Ernst Udet's Air Victories

DateTimeAircraft TypeRegionBattle Shoot-Down No.

One-Seater Commando Headquarters, Habsheim

3/18/19165:10 PMFarmanMülhausen1
Fighter Squadron 15
10/12/19163:30 PMBreguet MichelinRüstenhart2
12/24/191611 AMCaudronOberaspach3
2/20/1917noonNieuport one-seaterAspach4
4/24/19177:30 PMNieuport one-seaterChavignon5
5/5/19177:30 PMSpadBiller Wald6

Fighter Squadron 37

8/14/19178:30 PMBristolLens8
8/15/191710:25 AMSopwith two-seaterPont à Bendin7
8/21/19178:45 AMde Havilland 4Ascq. south of Lille9
9/17/19177:30 AMde Havilland 5 one-seaterIzel10
9/17/191712:20 PMTransport plane(English)Loos11
9/28/19176 PMSopwith-CWest Wingles12
9/28/19176 PMSopwith-CWest Wingles13
10/18/191710:35 AMSopwith-CDeulemont14
11/28/19171:40 PMde Havilland 5Paschendale-Poelcapelle15
12/5/19172:30 PMS.E. 5Westrosebete-Poelcapelle16
1/6/19184:15 PMNieuportBixschote17
1/28/19184:55 PMSopwithBixschote18
1/29/191812 noonBristol one-seaterZillebeke19
2/18/191810:50 AMSopwith-CZandvoorde20

Fighter Squadron 11

3/27/191811:50 AMR.E. 8Albert21
3/28/19189:10 AMSopwith-CAlbert-Bapaume22
4/6/19182:15 PMSopwith-CHamel23

Planes Downed by Fighter Squadron 4 under the Command of First Lieutenant Udet

DateTimeShot byAircraft TypeRegion Squadron Shoot-Down no.Udet
5/20/191811:25 AMLt. v. RautterBristolWarfulse1
5/27/19186:15 PMLt. v. RautterBreguetPont-Arcy2
5/31/191812 noonLt. v. RautterBreguetSouthwest Soissons3
5/31/19181 PMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetSouthwest Soissons424
6/2/191811:50 AMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetNorthwest Neuilly525
6/2/19186:20 PMReservist Lt. MaushakeBreguetMontugny Labier6
6/4/19186:45 PMReservist Lt. DrekmannSpadLongpont7
6/5/191812 noonReservist Lt. UdetSpadSouth Buczany826
6/6/191811:40 AMReservist Lt. UdetSpadSouth Faverolles927
6/7/19187 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadEast Villers Cetterets1028
6/13/19185:45 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadNortheast Faverolles1129
6/13/19185:45 PMReservist Lt. DrekmannSpadNorthern Noroy12
6/14/19188 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadNorth St. Pierre Aigle1330
6/23/191812:10 PMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetLa Ferte Milon1431
6/23/19188:15 PMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetCrouy Region1532
6/14/191410 AMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetSoutheast Montigny1633
6/25/19186:45 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadforest north of Longpont1734
6/25/19186:45 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadChavigny-Ferme1835
6/27/19188 PMReservist Lt. DrekmannBalloonVillers-Cotterets19
6/28/19189:45 AMReservist Lt. DrekmannSpadPuisseux20
6/28/19189:45 AMReservist Lt. MaushakeSpadEast Viercy21
6/28/19189:50 AMReservist Lt. MeyerSpadVillers Cotterets22
6/30/19188 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadFaverolles2336
7/1/191811:45 AMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetPierrefont-Morte-fontaine2437
7/1/19188:55 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadEastern Faverolles2538
7/28/19188:15 AMReservist Lt. UdetNieuportBezu St. Bergain2639
7/3/19188:20 AMReservist Lt. DrekmannBreguetNouvron27
7/3/19188:25 AMReservist Lt. UdetSpadEastern Laversine2840

DateTimeShot byAircraft TypeRegionBattle no. SquadronUdet
7/3/19188:25 PMReservist Lt. DrekmannSpadNorthwest Dompierre29
7/15/19184:40 PMReservist Lt. MeyerSpadNorthern Fossoy30
7/17/191810:45 AMReservist Lt. MaushakeBreguetRegion31
7/17/191810:50 AMREservist Lt. KoepschBreguetCombizy32
7/18/19189:15 AMReservist Lt. MaushakeD.H. 9Southwest Authenay33
7/18/19189:30 AMReservist Lt. MeyerSopwith-CMaurauil34
7/19/19183:30 PMReservist Lt. MaushakeSpadHartennes35
7/20/19188:25 PMReservist Lt. Drekmann byD.H.9Morsain36
7/22/19187:10 PMReservist Lt. KoepschD.H.9Southern Braisne37
7/25/19187:30 PMReservist Lt. DrekmannSpadDuschy38
7/30/19186:30 PMReservist Lt. DrekmannSpadNorthern Grand Rozoy39
8/1/19189:30 AMReservist Lt. UdetNieuportNortheast Eramaille4041
8/1/19189:30 AMReservist Lt. KoepschNieuportSouthern Braisne41
8/1/19189:30 AMReservist Lt. JessenNieuportCuiry Houso42
8/1/191812:15 PMReservist Lt. UdetBreguetNorthern Muret-Crouttes4342
8/1/19188:30 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadNorthern Baugueux4443
8/4/19188:05 PMReservist Lt. UdetSpadSoutern Braisne4544
8/4/19188:05 PMReservist Lt. JessenSpadNorthern Bauxtin46
8/8/19185:30 PMReservist Lt. UdetS.E.5Fontaine le Cappy4745
8/8/19186:30 PMReservist Lt. UdetS.E.5Southern Barleux4846
8/8/19188:40 PMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-CSoutheast Foucaucourt4947
8/9/19184:25 PMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-CSouthern Bauvillers5048
8/9/19189:20 PMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-CSoutheast Herleville5149
8/10/191811:30 AMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-CSouthern Marcourt5250
8/10/19184 PMReservist Lt. MaushakeR.E.8Southern Bauvillers53
8/10/19187:45 PMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-CSouthern Fay5451
8/11/191810 AMReservist Lt. UdetD.H.12Chaulnes5552
8/12/191811:30 AMReservist Lt. UdetS.E.5Near Peronne5653
8/13/19187:45 PMReservist Lt. KoepschBreguetBilancourt57
8/14/19187 PMReservist Lt. UdetBristol FigtherSouthern Vermandovillers5854
8/15/19185:15 PMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-CHerleville5955

DateTimeShot byAircraft TypeRegionBattle no. SquadronUdet
8/16/191810:40 AMReservist Lt. UdetSpadSouthern Foucaucourt6056
8/21/19186:30 PMReservist Lt. UdetS.E.5Southern Hébuterne6157
8/21/19187:15 PMReservist Lt. UdetSopwith-DolphinSouthern Courcelles6258
8/22/19188:30 PMReservist Lt. udetSopwith-CNorthern Braie6359
8/22/191812:30 PMReservist Lt. UdetS.E.5western Maricourt6460
8/31/19184:20 PMReservist Lt. KoepschS.E.5Near Combies65
9/5/19187:15 PMReservist Lt. KoepschS.E.5Paillencourt66
9/6/191810:55 AMReservist Lt. MaushakeSopwith-CSoutheast Aubencheulle67
9/26/19184:20 PMLt. v. GluszewskiD.H.9P.219 Southest Kemnat68
9/26/19185:10 PMFirst Lt. UdetD.H.9Monteningen Region6961
9/26/19185:15 PMReservist Lt. KrautD.H.9Buch70
9/26/19185:20 PMFirst Lt. UdetD.H.9Southern Metz7162


The Red Fighter Pilot

With a Preface by Reichsminister
Herman Göring

Introduced and expanded by
Bolko, Baron von Richthofen

May true Germans be moved to imitate the simplicity and nobility of this victoriious fighter...This book will thus fulfill its ponderous mission for our new Germany and Richthofen's legacy will live on in the younger generation and its progeny.
                           The Führer, Karlsruhe

A simple memorial to this legendary person, undoubtedly the greatest battle pilot of the World War to both friends and foes. This book tells how Manfred watched over his brother Lothar in the same squadron. It describes in breathtaking detail how comrades saved each others lives with humor along with profound seriousness as also exemplified by Boelcke and Immelmann. Here we have an incomparable heart ever beating for the sake of our people...
                           Berliner Börsen-Zeitung

Board bound for 2 Marks, cloth bound 2 Marks, 85 Pfennig

787 thousand copies

At Verlag Ullstein, Berlin

Gunther Plüschow
German Seaman and Pilot

A Portrait of His Life by
Isot Plüschow
With a Preface by
Bruno Loerzer

His best comrade, his wife Isot, mother of his son Guntolf, has written the story of his wonderous and eventful life spanning from his childhood to his premature demise. It is a true book of the people written especially for German youth, which everyone should have in his collection...a wonderful book which should be read in one sitting, a worthy memorial built to honor the dead man, whose name shall resound in honor for eternity. Beautiful illustrations accompany the text in appropriate measure. We bow before Gunther Plüschow and are convinced that the story of his life deserves recognition.
                           Reservist Commodore Bruno Dittrich
                                   at the Austrian Military News Service


With 31 inserts, paperback 4 Marks, 20 Pfennig; cloth cover 5 Marks, 80 Pfennig

At Verlag Ullstein, Berlin


The Adventures
of the Pilot from Tsingtau

My Experiences on Three Continents

Plüschow's most famous book, the story of his adventurous flight from the prison at Tsingtau at the beginning of the World War.

673 thousand copies

Gunther Plüschow is dead, but his image lives on in the hearts of his people. Be spellbound once again by his fresh and pleasing narrative. Experience his rousing tales of escape and his adventures on the high seas.

                        General Anzeiger [a German newspaper], Ludwigshafen


Silver Condor
over Tierra del Fuego

with a Cutter Rig Sailboat and an Airplane
in the Realm of My Dreams

I just read this book for the third time and hope that everyone — especially young men — read it at least once. Gunther Plüschow embodies the essence of being German, the German drive to investigate and undertake, courage and bravery in an exemplary manner.

                        Arbeit und Staat, Berlin

75 Thousand copies

Each volume richly illustrated

Paperback 2 Marks, cloth cover 2 Marks, 85 Pfennig

At Ullstein Publishing, Berlin

Printed at House Ullstein, Berlin


Gliding in Wonderland
Into the Realm of Parrots and Llamas

Truly a book full of marvelous adventures in which one sensation follows another.
                        Silesian Newspaper, Breslau

An action-packed journey. Throughout Plüschow has his eyes open and his vibrant, straightforward style of storytelling allows us to see the country and the people as sculpted by nature. With him one feels the joy of adventure, the sublime awe of nature and the joy present a thousand fold in such journeys. And let people endlessly thank him for the magnificent images he adds as a master photographer to enrich this beautiful book.
                        Weser Zeiting, Bremen

68 thousand copies

With many illustrations
Paperback, 2 Marks; Cloth cover 2 Marks, 85 Pfennif


At Verlag Ullstein, Berlin


in the Wind through the Clouds

The Adventure Book of Glider Aviation

Opening this book is worth it. From the first pages one is captured by the excellent illustrations concerning the history and techniques of German glider aviation. It's a book which will inspire the young and thus give enjoyment to the old.
                        Ostpreussische Grenzzeitung

This is a book that belongs in the hands of our youth. It will motivate them to join in sporting activities and lead both body and mind to fresh air and sunshine.
        Oesterreichische Wehrzeitung, Vienna

We hope this book reaches the hands of many German youth.
        Berliner Lehrerzeitung

When one reads the entire book and looks at the big picture then one might be able to build light-weight aircraft and seek ones happiness in the sky. Unfortunately flying is not so easy—but reading for pleasure is not as stressful and less dangerous.
                        Das deutsche Wort, Berlin

50 thousand copies, with many illustrations.

Paperback 2 Marks, cloth cover 2 Marks 85 Pfennig


At Verlag Ullstein, Berlin


Flight around the World
Adventure of the East Sea Pilots
during the World War

Every young man from sixteen to sixty will eagerly read this book. Life will surprise no one who is prepared. This attribute is central to the character of a valiant German man and it creates a model to which young men can aspire.
                        Rheinisch-Westfäl. Zeiting, Essen

This is an original story written without pathos which one can read in one sitting while feeling the joy and pride in the incredible achievements of which German men are capable because of their love for the fatherland.
                        Berliner Volkszeitung

29 thousand copies
with many illustrations

Paperback 2 Marks, cloth coverd 2 Marks 85 Pfennig


At Verlag Ullstein, Berlin


Pilot Tex
Adventures of a California
Transport Pilot

This story reads like an exciting chapter in the adventures of a Jack London character on a railway line.
                        Der Bund, Bern

Along with dramatic events, danger and adventure the entire work is interwoven with the spirit of duty, comradery and willingness to sacrifice. Here we have a real man who has given us a magnificent book.
                        Giessener Anzeiger

His descriptions rank right up there with those written by combat pilots and they show the American spirit in its best light, soldier strong with regard to duty and sportsmanlike in comradery and combat.
                        Berliner Bösen-Zeiting

10 thousand copies

Richly illustrated

paperback 2 Marks 80 Pfennig, cloth cover 3 Marks 80 Pfennig.


At Verlag Ullstein, Berlin

An Entire World Against Us
The History of the World War in Pictures

Introduced by Werner Beumelburg
Edited by Wilhelm Reetz

Along with a preface by Werner Beumelburg and a few sentences from the editor Wilhelm Reetz there are no other words in this text—only pictures! Of more than 60,000 photos taken by frontline soldiers only the 340 most powerful have been chosen. No individual soldier, no individual troop division, no individual battle and no particular heroics are emphasized here, only the frontline soldier to whom all the world must give praise.

General von Mackensen writes:
The "History of the World War in Pictures" will certainly find a place of honor among the almost completely filled section on the World War not just because of the impressive language of the pictures but also due to the preface by Werner Beumelburg. The silent heroism of the German frontline soldier during the World War cannot be emphasized enough for the present or future generations. I hope this book enjoys wide circulation.

Paperback 6 Marks 50 Pfennig, cloth cover 8 Marks 50 Pfennig,
in half leather 12 Marks


At Verlag Ulstein, Berlin

Printed at Ullstein House, Berlin

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