The Life of the Reverend J. An. A. Grabau, Pages 93 - 97

In closing here are some verses, composed by the Reverend Pastor Grabau himself, in testimony of his faith and his confession:

Praise God, that I am Lutheran
For on prophetic ground,
I find the word of my Jesus
From his own mouth.

Certain of the sanctity
In the blood of my Jesus,
The inherited bite of the snake
And all else is healed.

I rejoice in the church community
Which calls itself Lutheran,
Full truth lies within it
Because it recognizes the truth.

I rejoice in the true Lord,
Whose ministry I have led for so long;
When he wills it, I'll gladly die
In dedication to His Honor.

I hope to find many souls
In the realm of paradise
With whom without secrecy or error
I may communicate the true Word.

Through Christ my God will relieve
The misery of sin,
Take away my dire need
And lead me to peace.

He will also see to my family
That they may prosper in Him,
That they may stand within sweet grace
And be useful to Christians.

The school, the college
In accordance with Father Luther's words
For he preserves and defends
Through him alone comes reward.

Dear God, preserve the community
Both here with us and in all regions
Keep it together, not divided
As ordained by the Word.

Should weeds infest within
And grow ever greater
Let them be taken away from us
So we may abide in Your Protection.

My grace is God, who other than you,
Is so wonderous and true!
Lead us through Jesus to the peace
Free of all sin — Amen.



Deed to the Land of the
German Martin Luther College

(From January 27, 1869)

This contract, completed on January 27th in the year of the Lord 1869 between J. A. A. Grabau, president of the Synod of the Lutheran Church of Buffalo, immigrated here from Prussia, and Christiana S., his wife of the City of Buffalo, Erie County, in the State of New York, Part One, and the German Martin Luther College of Buffalo in the same district — Part Two. Witness that said party of the first part for the sum of $1.00 in the legal tender of the United States, properly paid to them, said party of the second part, his successors and attorneys through this document has purchased the entire piece of land lying in the above stated City of Buffalo, and a portion of Farmlot 27 has been handed over and transferred. This land was surveyed and is described as follows: Beginning at a point on the west side of Maple Street, 50 feet northeast of the intersection with the northern line of Virginia Street, running


[1.] Translator's Note: The deed is already presented in English. I find it interesting to render a translation of the German version, since the majority of the congregation may have viewed this document in German and understood it in a slightly different manner than its legalese-ridden English equivalent. Return to text

northward on the west side of Maple Street 100 feet. From the west and perpendicular with Maple Street 100 feet. From south and parallel with Maple Street 100 feet. From the east again to the starting point. This completed and certified by Aron D. Patchin on the 26th of September 1846 in the Erie County Clerk's Office registered map of Farm Lots No. 27, — Lots No. 43, 44, 45 and 46 on Maple Street. And these lots are the same land pieces, which the party of the first part has transferred from Aron D. Patchin and his wife through deed on December 16, 1852 — (said deed registered on June 23, 1853 in the Erie County Clerk's Office in Book 139 of the documents of sale, page 424) — together with all property, inherited property and appurtenances belonging to and in some way connected to it, and any reversal or reversals, remainder or remainders, rents, issues and profits, the entire estate, vestige, title, interest, claim and outputs of any kind, which the said party of the first part in accordance with law and inheritance, in and to the

above bargained piece of land and said ownership and appurtenances, that they are owned and held forever.

And the said J. A. A. Grabau pledged, assured, promised and acknowleged for himself, his heirs, the executor of his testament and his estate administrator, — with said party of the second part, his heirs and administrators, that he will never execute, begin, lead or allow a deal or deals, an act or acts, an issue or issues through which or in consequence to the above named and described object of sale or any portion now or at a later date in any way or form be it impeached, contested or encumbered.

In witness thereof said party of the first part placed his signature and seal on the above named day and year.

J. An. A. Grabau, (L. S.)
Christiana S. Grabau, (L. S.)

                                                State of New York
                                                City of Buffalo,
                                                Erie County
On this 27th day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine before me, the subscribers, personally appeared John A. A. Grabau and Christiane S., his wife, to me known to be the same persons described in and who executed the within instrument, and severally acknowledged that they executed the same, and the said Christiana S. Grabau on a private examination by me, apart from her said husband, acknowledged that she executed the same freely, and without any fear or compulsion of her said husband.
                              Thos. Bath, Com. of Deeds for Buffalo.

The Act of Incorporation

The German Martin Luther College of Buffalo

Certificate of Incorporation

We, the undersigned, all full-age citizens of the United States and citizens of the State of New York, desiring and intending to build together with our associates and successors a public and common corporation in accordance with an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York, entitled "An Act for Incorporation of benevolent,scientific and missionary Societies," passed April 12, 1848, and several supplementary acts, hereby certify in compliance with these acts as follows:

First: The name or title under which said society shall be known under the law is "The German Martin Luther College of Buffalo."

Second: The main headquarters and place of business of said society shall

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